Onepagebook Lifetime Ban at HWbot

Onepagebook Lifetime Ban at HWbot

Dear HWbot members,

We regret to inform the user Onepagebook, previously third in the ranking, has been suspended from the Hwbot competition. Irregularities have been found in numerous benchmarks, including 3DMark06 and Aquamark, which were not possible to be reproduced by any of the crew members. Furthermore, the results can not be explained as bug or system anomality, but can be explained by using illegal software. Onepagebook did not deny this.

Since this is the second time Onepagebook has been caught producing very suspicious scores , the HWbot crew has no other option than to call in the lifetime ban option.

Next to that, underneath the Aquamark3 results. Pay attention to the FPS in the upper right corner and the total score. The total score should always be 1000x the FPS in the upper right corner. If not, it suggest tampering with the screenshot.


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Kind regards,

The HWbot crew.