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Dear hwbot members,

This newspost is to inform you that the team is no longer welcome at HWBot and that several members of this team, including the team moderator Sn@ke have been banned from the competition. We have found a very big number of shared scores (and hardware) and we’re pretty sure certain ‘members’ are just double accounts made by the team moderator.

Since we try to make this an enjoyable overclocking competition, we need to take out those who think everything is allowed just to get more points. Sn@ke is the team moderator of the Freeocen team and should be setting an example towards the rest of his team instead of abusing the hwboints system to beat competing teams.

We want to apoligise to those who are affected by this action, but know that we’re now one step closer to a completely fair competition. Note that we have given Sn@ke the chance to respond to this allegations a few days ago, but no reply to our mail, which even was written in German to bypass the language barrier.

For more information you can contact the Hwbot crew.

Have a pleasant day,
The HWBot crew.


For those who are interested in the exact reasons, underneath you find a quick sum-up of what we found out. Of course, this is not all, but it gives a good view on what went wrong in the team.

E8600 – CPUZ ranking
– All uploaded the same day (within hours)
– All on Dry Ice
– All on same motherboard / vga / memory
– User andR claims his score was on an Asus P45, but verification link says Commando. However, there’s a validation with a P45 as well in the database, so he really just used another validation file

The most obvious one still has to come: check verification link of Sn@ke and Cool’s score. Both users make the same typing mistake when trying to add a CPU-Z verification link.

E8600 / 4870X2 – Aquamark ranking
Snake, Cool, andR, Batista and BlackIce all use the same Commando setup with the same Vga cards. Furthermore, this is what we find when checking the 4870X2 results for the time of screenshot in the validation picture:

05:09 – 326396 – Sn@ke
15:11 – 325742 – Sergmann
04:59 – 324484 – Blue-Icemen
03:35 – 323215 – Sn@ke
19:31 – 317693 – Mac_0c
19:15 – 314679 – The_Bencher

Scores performed in the same time window have similar looking screenshot verifications.

E8600 / 3870X2 – 3DMark01 ranking

16:33 – 108757 – Snake
16:34 – 108532 – TheBench
17:21 – 108202 – Prinzmen
17:31 – 105664 – Ranger88

Verification links of Snake, Prinzmen and Ranger88: same typing error when trying to add a verification link. Same story with even more accounts in the GTX280 single category.Also, in the GTX260 category Snake, Vegasmen and Viruus have similar backgrounds. Very bad photoshop.

“I’m stopping right here. We can find this information in each benchmark category.”

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