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hwbot development – weekly update

In the last development iteration we focused our attention on two features: the ability to use hwbot without participating in any of the rankings (which means no points, no cups, no medals), and the world record page.

Using hwbot without participating in rankings.
Ability not to participate in rankings.
Some people want to share their overclocking results with the world, but as they are (for example) sponsored by a big hardware manufacturer they do not want to compete against other overclockers who have to buy the hardware with their own money. People who do not participate in the rankings, will appear on no ranking but the OFFICIAL WORLD RECORDS page. It is recommended to participate unless you have a very good reason not to, otherwise you will not be recognized for any of your overclocking submissions. You or your team will receive no points, no medals, no cups and no achievements for your submissions. You can set this option in your account settings (options > account) or when registering.

The official world records page.
This summary page is easily accessible from the front page, and shows a top 20 ranking of each benchmark application which is applicable for points. This is the only ranking where people who do not participate in the rankings can appear.

WR SummaryTOP 20

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