Sparkle 9500GT Overclocking Contest [DUTCH]

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Sparkle 9500GT Overclocking Contest [DUTCH] launches Sparkle 9500GT Overclocking Contest

It’s time again for an OC contest, at least if we believe the people of Following an animocheck on different dutch overclocking fora, it has come to their attention that many people were waiting to push a new videocard to its limits. The card in question is the Sparkle 9500GT Passive, which will be distributed via for a very friendly price of €35,00.

Because of this low price, the organising instance expects many people to sign up for the competition. Although, they don’t expect everyone to enter to win -not everyone likes subzero- perople are expected to at least try when they sign up.

In the contrary to the previous overclocking contests organised by Tweakers,  this overclocking contest is held on more than one forum at the same time. In other words, it has become more of an Dutch forum overclocking battle. The following fora are part of the overclocking contest:


Although this still is a competition between individuals, there’s a significant forum aspect attached to it. We’re about to find out which (Belgian/Dutch) overclocking forum has the best overclockers on board(*)! Note that teaming up with friends is not a problem. One card equals one score entry, though.

For more information: (DUTCH)

(*): It may be interesting to check out HWbot’s team rankings as well: CLICK.

Note: Hwbot is not affiliated to this overclocking contest, this is an informative newspost.

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