World Tour 2016 General Information

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World Tour 2016 General Information

HWBOT World Tour 2016 Spans Seven Countries and Five Continents

The HWBOT World Tour is a series of overclocking events held around the globe that aims to provide a relaxed social environment for overclockers to learn, share and compete. The idea is primarily to nurture the next generation of overclockers with open OC workshops where total amateurs can get some first hands-on experience and learn vital tricks and tweaks from more seasoned players. Of course no OC event would be complete without some competitive action so each stop on the tour offers contests that cater for all levels and abilities, as well as providing a platform for some seriously extreme overclocking. The LN2 flows freely.

HWBOT is proud to announce the preliminary dates and locations for the HWBOT World Tour 2016. A follow up to the highly successful inaugural World Tour of 2015, the HWBOT World Tour 2016 expands the concept to include seven dates throughout the year that span the entire globe. “The World Tour 2016 represents our commitment to nurturing the growth of the Overclocking community throughout all regions of the globe,” commented Pieter-Jan Plaisier, Director at HWBOT. “The fact that this year’s World Tour will reach more overclockers in more countries than ever is a fantastic testament to the event’s success.”.


HWBOT World Tour 2016: Dates and Locations

Overclockers and enthusiasts can join HWBOT and enjoy a relaxed social environment for overclockers to learn, share and compete. The emphasis is on nurturing the next generation, educating PC gamers in the art of overclocking, as well as providing a platform for some seriously extreme and competitive benchmarking. You can catch up with HWBOT on these dates and locations:

Check out the HWBOT X event pages for more information on location and to purchase tickets!


HWBOT World Tour 2016: Event Activities

Each HWBOT Tour event will host three unique overlocking activities that address a broad skill base that spans Amateur to Extreme.

  • OC Workshops: Overclocking workshops where elementary overclocking skills are taught by more experienced players. This is a great opportunity for enthusiasts to learn about their hardware and about how their PC’s performance can be improved. Learn the basics, get up to speed, then compete with your peers.
  • Extreme and Amateur World Series Competitions: Competition series for extreme and amateur overclockers hosted on These contests are exclusive to participants of the World Tour. Extreme contest winners will be invited to the World Championship in Berlin at the end of the year.
  • The Extreme OC Party: For many this is the OC party, pure and simple. A chance to meet and socialize with other like-minded overclockers. Seeing that participants will have access to three days of unlimited liquid nitrogen (LN2), the party will also include some unrestricted extreme overclocking.

If you have any questions regarding the HWBOT World Tour 2016, please contact us at:


HWBOT World Championship Finals: December 2016: Berlin, Germany

The climax of the World Tour will be the Championship Finals held in Germany at the Caseking Bootcamp in Berlin. Each of the six Extreme Series winners from the HWBOT Tour events will be flown out to Germany. The Caseking Bootcamp is a spacious area where LN2 will be provided in abundance for all eight overclockers. Live video streams of the event will be available so that overclockers around the world won’t miss a thing.

To find out how to qualify for the World Championship Finals in Berlin, read our World Series general information article.


Support the HWBOT World Tour 2016 with Caseking

Following community requests, overclockers who are unable to attend a World Tour event but want to support the World Tour event series can make a contribution through an affiliate program with our partners at Caseking. All hardware purchases made on the Caseking website using a special promo url will trigger a revenue sharing system that contributes to the HWBOT World Tour. The revenue for the affiliate program will go directly to the World Tour events and will be used for prizes, covering LN2 costs and travel arrangements for the World Series winners. This program affiliate program is open to all HWBOT members.

To contribute, simple extend the URL of Caseking with our partner code ?sPartner=62 like this: Any Caseking purchase, for example a Der8auer overclocking tool, will contribute directly to the World Tour. Thank you for your support! Find the best cooling parts available at


Seasonic Partners with HWBOT for World Tour 2016

HWBOT is pleased to confirm Seasonic as a full partner and sponsor for all the forthcoming HWBOT World Tour 2016 events. This is great news for all involved in the World Tour, as it means not only financial support but also access to some very solid power supplies throughout World Tour events.As part of its commitment to the HWBOT World Tour 2016, Seasonic has pledged to provide Platinum Series PSUs for the first two stops on the World Tour – this is great for anyone that attends the Campus Party event in Sao Paulo, Brazil on January 26 -31 and the rAge Expo event in Cape Town S.Africa in March. The Seasonic Platinum PSUs will be great additions to both the HWBOT Workshops and World Series Competitions.

Seasonic Platinum series power supplies will be familiar to many overclockers around the world. In fact Elite players like Dancop recognizes Seasonic has his brand of choice, achieving overclocking World Records and First Place submissions for numerous benchmark categories on HWBOT using Seasonic PSUs. Subsequent World Tour events throughout 2016 will take advantage of the new Titanium Series PSUs from Seasonic that were launched at CES 2016 in the US. The Seasonic Titanium series includes PSUs from 750W and up, a testament to the idea that the majority of overclockers don’t necessarily need a 1000W+ PSU. A high quality, reliable and efficient 750W PSU can often be the smart choice.

If you wish to support Seasonic and HWBOT, you can do so by attending the World Tour events and share your passion for overclocking. In case you can’t make it to the events, you can also support us by purchasing a Seasonic Power Supply from Caseking using our partner affiliate code. For more information, check out the Caseking website.


HWBOT Announce TAITRA as Official World Tour 2016 Partner

We have some really good news to announce today as we can now confirm TAITRA (aka the Taiwan External Trade Development Council) as official Partners for the HWBOT World Tour 2016. As well offering support throughout the World Tour, TAITRA have generously given HWBOT access to substantial booth space at the Nangang Exhibition Hall during Computex 2016. This provides HWBOT with an ideal platform to build on the success of previous Computex events and further raise the profile of HWBOT and Overclocking during the show.

The HWBOT World Tour invites Overclockers and enthusiasts to join HWBOT and enjoy a relaxed social environment for overclockers to learn, share and compete. The emphasis is on nurturing the next generation, educating enthusiasts in the art of overclocking, as well as providing a platform for some seriously extreme and competitive benchmarking. The HWBOT World Tour 2016 includes events in Brazil, South Africa, France, Canada Germany. Thanks to TAITRA HWBOT will now have a booth for the first time at Computex, creating the ideal venue for OC workshops, competitive Word Series benchmarking and a place where overclockers visiting Computex can meet up, socialize and get involved.

Founded in 1970 to help promote foreign trade, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is a non-profit trade promotion organization in Taiwan that promotes foreign trade and business opportunities for Taiwanese companies. Each year TAITRA works with the Taiwan World Trade Center (TTC) to host Computex, the largest Technology Exhibition in Asia.


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