HWBOT Hardware Index

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HWBOT Hardware Index

What is the HWBOT Hardware Index (HHI)?

The HWBOT Hardware Index is a single figure indicating the performance capabilities of a specific hardware item. The performance figure attribute to the hardware item is based on the average performance results in various benchmarks hosted at HWBOT.

The index compares a specific hardware item to the highest performing hardware and gives it a figure between 0 and 100, representing the relative performance.


United States AmeriCani78 says:

I am happy to see that overclocking an nVidia Quadro 3400/4400 can be done, but now Im after the how to... AMD Opteron 180, DFI LP NF4 (939) mobo, 4gb (4x1) DDR @ 200.9mhz, 500gb Seagate (5400 rpm) hdd

United States ORCINUSADAMANTOS says:

I had a Quadro FX 1700 over clocked. Yes It made a difference. But the difference was making my freaking screen pause for random amounts of time, including killing the sound with the pauses. Pauses that evolve into system hangs/stalls, requiring a hard-stop. Dont over clock them. Unless, you are willing to do what is necessary to do it right. The first thing is make sure you are going to be able to provide adequate cooling/airflow. And 2nd you should look up what your GPU's GeForce"it to work" variant is, (model number and all relevant information such as bios reversion. So you can then reprogram your card to the GeForce"it to work" instead of the Quadro. The only difference is the price and the drivers. If flashing the cards bios is out of the question for you. You can explode the next nvid driver package you download, until you find the manifest list. Locate on the list your GPU, then locate the GeForce variant of your card. And what you will do is switch the names around so that the geforces drivers load for your card. All of that I have done before and it was all a good and fun learning experience. But, with the more knowledge you gain, you do things differently the next time around. No more Nvidiot parts for me ever again. Im tired of GeForcing shit to work. LOL

I hope y old tricks can help you out there bud. Good luck.
Hit me up if you have any questions.

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