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HWBOT Contact

Official HWBOT Contact Information

If you have a question for the HWBOT related to partnerships, projects or any other form of cooperation, feel free get in touch.

Development Office

GCV Colardyn IT
Schrieksesteenweg 188
BTW BE 0892.696.641


HWBOT (漢威榜顧問有限公司)
3F No.291, Chang’an West Road, 103 Taipei City, Taiwan
臺灣台北市長安西 路291號3樓
+886 970 726 470

Organizational Information – Professional Staff

Frederik Colardyn

Frederik Colardyn is the founder, president and chief executive officer of the HWBOT organization. His daily operations consist of developing new features as main software developer.

Pieter-Jan Plaisier

Pieter-Jan Plaisier is chief operating officer and general project manager of the HWBOT organization. He is responsible for the daily operations as well as researching investments.

Timothée Pineau

Located in Taiwan, two days a week Timothée helps the organization develop new ideas, new insights, and start new projects. He uses his experience of working in the IT industry and at Overclocking-TV to spread the message of overclocking and HWBOT.

Christian Ney
  • Head of Moderation
  • Switzerland
  • Contact: email

Christian is in charge of everything related to the moderation, validation and removal of benchmark results and/or users at HWBOT. Together with his result moderator staff, he takes care of the benchmark submissions reported by the community and looks into odd-looking scores.

Stewart Haston
  • Editor
  • United Kingdom
  • Contact: email

Stewart takes care of the front page news items and the official press release communication of HWBOT. Backed by years of experience in the Taiwan hardware industry, Stewart uses his know-how of marketing and computing to phrase the plans of HWBOT in press communications and articles.

Michael Keilholz
  • Moderating Support
  • Germany
  • Contact: email

Michael helps Christian with all matters related to the moderation, validation and removal of benchmark results and/or users at HWBOT. His primary focus is the online competitions.

Mike Gorius
  • Pro OC Program Manager
  • United Kingdom
  • Contact: email

Mike Gorius is in charge of organizing the Pro OC Program, including communication with hardware partners and content creators.

Community Leadership

Throughout its lifetime, HWBOT could never have become what it is today without the help of countless volunteers helping out primarily with moderating the incoming benchmark results, but also maintaining the hardware database and managing the forums. It is thanks to the volunteer staff that we can continue to develop this site and guide this organization to new opportunities. HWBOT was founded by the overclocking community, and will always be led by that community. The Volunteer Managing Staff is ready for any challenge ahead and relies on the will and enthusiasm of the many HWBOT staff members to help build HWBOT. Feel free to contact any of the Volunteer Managing Staff in case of concerns.

Christian Ney

Christian is in charge of everything related to the moderation, validation and removal of benchmark results and/or users at HWBOT. Together with his result moderator staff, he takes care of the benchmark submissions reported by the community and looks into odd-looking scores.

Roman Hartung (“Der8auer”)

Roman is taking care of everything that goes on in the forum. He manages the team of forum moderators and keeps the forum users in check. Feel free to contact Roman with questions regarding forum topics, posts or users.

Karl-Christian Guggi (“Turrican”)
  • Honorary Staff Member
  • Austria
  • /

Since November 2008, Karl helped out updating HWBOT hardware database with passion and in-depth knowledge of the subject. He passed away suddenly in September 2014. Karl will always be part of our staff as a honorary member. His passion for overclocking and dedication to the community will never be forgotten.

Victor Codin (“El Genieben”)

El Genieben is the software guy of the volunteer staff. He engineers and builds software application that make the life of the overclocker a lot easier. He is actively working on continuing the support for the much-loved Aquamark3 benchmark, and has built an all-in-one installer for the HWBOT benchmark applications.

Goddy McRoodt

As an internationally renowned competitive overclocking, Goddy provides valuable input on competitions and topics related to competitive overclocking at HWBOT.

Brendan van Varik (“TheMadDutchDude”)

Brendan is our news editor. He takes care of the front page and looks for nifty new overclocking articles to turn in to news. Feel free to get in touch if you have any news to share.


Canada KedarWolf says:

I'm trying to submit a benchmark and it says my load temperature must be over 20C but it does not say how to submit load temperature. I tried including in my screenshot Core Temp under 100% load but still get the error. Can you help?


Belgium Massman says:

Hi KedarWolf,

- for XTU: the application will detect the temperature by itself and everything should work automatically
- for GPUPI: if you submit from the application, load the submission and then click 'edit' in the sidebar. Then fill out the load temperature in the Processor section.
- for other benchmarks: when submitting the result fill out the load temperature section.

See images below

Iran mamehdi says:

Hello Dear Sir
I can't sumbit my score and stop in this link hwbot.org/sumbit/create pls help me
Thanks and best regards

Iran mamehdi says:

and refresh this is the below msg

HTTP Status 405 - Request method 'GET' not supported


type Status report

message Request method 'GET' not supported

description The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested resource.


Apache Tomcat/7.0.59

Belgium Massman says:

Looking into this issue

United States PhIlLy ChEeSe StEaK says:

Cant log in trying to submit a score........

United States PhIlLy ChEeSe StEaK says:

logged in cant submit all my submissions r missing, comon!!!!!!!!!!!

Belgium Massman says:

There was some small downtime, which is fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

United States Bulliesandboost says:

Any help with "Analyze functionality is not supported for your system."?

Belgium Massman says:

Hi Bullies, What platform are you using ?

France Niuulh says:

Hi, i have an A10-7870k but is not currently referenced.
I wanna know if you will add it to allow submit.

Belgium Massman says:

Hi Niuulh! I added the category to the database. You should now be able to submit :)

France Niuulh says:

Thanks, i see it ! Submit soon :)

France Niuulh says:

Hi, i have an i7-3820 this time not referenced.
Can you add it please ?
Thanks :)

Belgium Massman says:

The CPU is already in the database: http://hwbot.org/hardware/processor/core_i7_3820/

France Niuulh says:

Thanks again :)

United States xobonesox says:

Im trying to upload some scores and at the bottom of the chrome browser it says "waiting for HWbot.org..." and then it goes to a blank page after a few seconds. do you have any suggestions on what it might be?

Belgium Massman says:

Hi xobonesox, We are aware of the issue and looking into the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Italy isonzo says:

when start the benchmarks for nvidia GTX 950?

Belgium Massman says:

Graphics card added!

Johni5 says:

Win 10 hwbot prime approved ?

United States xxbassplayerxx says:

Johni5 said: Hi!
Win 10 hwbot prime approved ?

If using Skylake CPU's, yes, for sure. They do not exhibit the timer "bug" that the older chips do.

Everything else, I'm not sure.

United Kingdom kimandsally says:

Hi will you put this into your database HTC one M8S it says HWBOT cew notified to add your device.


Johni5 says:


Ghana toshmusa says:

I have submitted two scores today, they are not showing up, its the July score that is showing up,WHY

Georgia daviti-q says:

My Points decreasing, Why it happens?

United States flibflob says:

Wow is this place a mess. Password never works, got fed up try to delete account which never works. Unbelievable.

Bosnia And Herzegovina mirzet1976 says:

hi if you can delete this submission http://hwbot.org/submission/3139818_mirzet1976_cpu_frequency_fx_8320_5415.69_mhz because it is done on the win8, and put this new with win7 which is valid for HWBOT http://hwbot.org/submission/3162393_

websmile says:

No problem with CPUZ cpu frequency validation, all windows versions allowed, bioth are valid :) - will enable points for the better submission

Bosnia And Herzegovina mirzet1976 says:

OK, thanks

Ukraine San_Lex says:

Someone can add "HD Graphics (Bay Trail)"?

websmile says:

Please do requests like these at the support section :) much easier for us to handle
P.S. Normally these should be added already, go with the atom processor no at soc

South Africa #ACOR says:

I'm trying to submit and or save my PI calculation but nothing is happening??
Please help. Using Win 10 pro 64, GPUPI 2.2 (64bit)

websmile says:

Please post questions there, and state your system and problem more precisely http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=119436

Bosnia And Herzegovina mirzet1976 says:

Hi,if you can incorporate my result in SuperPi-1M section.

Here is my submission http://hwbot.org/submission/3199690_ but not ranked in SuperPi-1M.


Solved, I forgot that there is a button "RECALCULATE POINTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS"

United States Slinky PC says:

Regarding Hwbot "How to Video"

Canada samual says:

Hi. Having a problem submitting pcmark7 score. Does not seem to accept url from futuremark. I tried cut and paste and received the following error.

"Validation error: A valid futuremark compare url is required if want to reach the PCMark7 Hall Of fame. As only 11 benchmark scores are better than you, you need to provide additional verification."

Thanks for you help.

websmile says:

Remove "www." or "http" at beginning of futuremark url when entering the link, his should work, futuremark re implemented a long fixed bug again :/

Canada samual says:

Thanks Websmile will give it a try.

Canada samual says:

Sorry Websmile, tried "3dmark.com/pcm7/1041842" and no go

Canada samual says:

figured it out. http://3dmark.com/pcm7/1041842

Canada samual says:

My i3-6320 2 core is being posted as a 4 core. I think my entries are correct. Not making any more post until I figure this out.


Thanks for your help

Canada samual says:

Figured it out. I re-entered using manual setting and deleted other submissions.

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