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Official HWBOT Contact Information

If you have a question for the HWBOT related to partnerships, projects or any other form of cooperation, feel free to contact the Project Manager.

Main Office

GCV Colardyn IT, Headquarters
Schrieksesteenweg 188
BTW BE 0892.696.641

Taiwan contact

8-21 (8F), 257, Jiangou Road
+886 970 726 470

Organizational Information – Professional Staff

Frederik Colardyn

Frederik Colardyn is the founder, president and chief executive officer of the HWBOT organization. His daily operations consist of developing new features as main software developer.

Pieter-Jan Plaisier

Pieter-Jan Plaisier is chief operating officer and general project manager of the HWBOT organization. He is responsible for the daily operations as well as researching investments.

Dennis Devriendt

Dennis Devriendt is HWBOT site developer for the HWBOT organization. His task involves mainly HWBOT site maintenance, solving bugs, and developing new features.

Celien Van Damme
  • Administration
  • Belgium
  • Contact: email

Celien Van Damme handles all administrative tasks. For invoice related questions, drop her a mail.

Timothée Pineau

Located in Taiwan, two days a week Timothée helps the organization develop new ideas, new insights, and start new projects. He uses his experience of working in the IT industry and at Overclocking-TV to spread the message of overclocking and HWBOT.

Ann-Sofie Lönnqvist
  • Administration
  • Graphical Design
  • Contact: email

Ann-Sofie utilizes her graphical design talents to create artwork for site content, newsletter, presentations and anything else that requires visual stimulation.

Community Leadership

Throughout its lifetime, HWBOT could never have become what it is today without the help of countless volunteers helping out primarily with moderating the incoming benchmark results, but also maintaining the hardware database and managing the forums. It is thanks to the volunteer staff that we can continue to develop this site and guide this organization to new opportunities. HWBOT was founded by the overclocking community, and will always be led by that community. The Volunteer Managing Staff is ready for any challenge ahead and relies on the will and enthusiasm of the many HWBOT staff members to help build HWBOT. Feel free to contact any of the Volunteer Managing Staff in case of concerns.

Christian Ney

Christian is in charge of everything related to the moderation, validation and removal of benchmark results and/or users at HWBOT. Together with his result moderator staff, he takes care of the benchmark submissions reported by the community and looks into odd-looking scores.

Roman Hartung (“Der8auer”)

Roman is taking care of everything that goes on in the forum. He manages the team of forum moderators and keeps the forum users in check. Feel free to contact Roman with questions regarding forum topics, posts or users.

Karl-Christian Guggi (“Turrican”)
  • Honorary Staff Member
  • Austria
  • /

Since November 2008, Karl helped out updating HWBOT hardware database with passion and in-depth knowledge of the subject. He passed away suddenly in September 2014. Karl will always be part of our staff as a honorary member. His passion for overclocking and dedication to the community will never be forgotten.

Victor Codin (“El Genieben”)

El Genieben is the software guy of the volunteer staff. He engineers and builds software application that make the life of the overclocker a lot easier. He is actively working on continuing the support for the much-loved Aquamark3 benchmark, and has built an all-in-one installer for the HWBOT benchmark applications.

Goddy McRoodt

As an internationally renowned competitive overclocking, Goddy provides valuable input on competitions and topics related to competitive overclocking at HWBOT.


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