Radeon RX 480 Memory Voltage Mod from Buildzoid, Shot in First Person

Our man Buildzoid certainly knows a thing or two about volt modding graphics cards. His most recent foray involves volt modding the memory of his Radeon R480 card. As usual Buildzoid offers a technical overview of the job with tons of useful tips and tricks along the way. Perhaps most interestingly however is the fact that the video is actually recorded from a first person perspective, so you have a pretty accurate view of virtually everything that he sees.

The first step in the process is actually identifying the voltage controller for the card’s memory. It can be found on the back of the card, on the opposite side of the memory’s VRM which supplies 1.5v to all the memory chips. After identifying the high and low-side FETs, Buildzoid points out the fixed frequency 600KHz, single phase chip which integrates a driver with a synchronous buck controller. The chip has voltage sensing built-in to it, making it the target chip for the volt mod.

The actual surgery involves attaching a wire to the sixth pin of the voltage controller chip. The video goes into some pretty serious depth regarding the actual procedure of soldering the wires, applying the solder and more. A great video for anyone who has little experience of hardware modding.

Check out the video in full on the Actually Overclocking YouTube channel.

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