Y-Cruncher Multi-Threaded Pi-Benchmark Updated with GUI and HWBOT Compatibility

y-cruncher is a benchmark program that computes Pi and other mathematical constants to the region of billions or even trillions of digits. The program was created to calculate the vastest Pi numbers possible and in fact holds the world record for the most ever recorded; 13.3 trillion to be exact. Previously only available sans user interface, our man Mystical has taken the time to create a more complete app that integrates a graphical user interface and the ability to submit on HWBOT.

Originally developed in 2009 as a high school project by Alexander J. Yee, y-cruncher is actually quite unique in a number of different ways. It’s the first Pi computing program that can use multiple threads for a near linear boost in calculation speed, it can also use and stress unlimited amounts of system memory and it also uses ISA extensions such as SSE and AVX available on most modern processors.

The new app created by Mystical is called the y-cruncher HWBOT Submitter. It's written in Java and requires Java 8 runtime to run. Note: y-cruncher itself has no requirements other than Windows Vista or later or above. The app includes three presets; Pi to 25 million digits, 1 billion digits and 10 billion digits. The 25 million digit run will complete in just under two seconds, whereas the 10 billion run will require 48GB of memory.

You can learn more about the y-cruncher HWBOT Submitter on the forum thread here.


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