Phill (United Kingdom) Scores GPUPI for CPU 1B 12xCPU Global First Place with Two Xeon X5650 at 4039.9MHz

Phill is a relative new name for those following the hall of fame leaderboards and global benchmark rankings. He overclocks for the British Team MLG and thus resides in the company of great overclockers such as 8 Pack, Hivizman and the quartet Rauf, Gubben, Topdog, and Nickolp1974 who all have top-20 spots in the Extreme League. The UK overclocking scene is again alive and kicking, that's for sure, and we're happy to see another Brit sporting a global golden cup!

For the GPUPI for CPU 1B 12xCPU Global First Place, Phill uses an set of Intel Xeon X5650 Gulftown processors clocked at 4039 MHz cooled with a custom water cooling configuration. Paired with the Classified SR-2 motherboard, that results in a 51% CPU overclock. The rest of the setup consists of a 1200W power supply, 24GB of Vengeance DDR3 memory, a Kingston SSD for storage and a pair of MSI Radeon HD 7970 graphics cards. With a score of 1min 33.220sec Phill has quite a lead over the second place in the global ranking, R3D from South Africa who has a result of 4min 5.686sec. In the overall GPUPI for CPU 1B hall of fame, Phill comes in second trailing Dhenzjhen's 2x Xeon E5 5698 V3 by 8.564 seconds.

For more information or discussion, check out the GPUPI for CPU 1B submission here.

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