Overclock.net and PC Games Hardware Most Friendly Rookie Teams

It's been exactly one month since our last news article about the Rookie recruitment activity of the overclocking teams. So today we have a look what changed in the top-10 most rookie-friendly overclocking teams.

Overclock.net is still the main supplier of Rookies with 24 newcomers. That is eleven less than a month ago, but still very impressive. The German community at PC Games Hardware are increasingly more Rookie friendly, closing in on Overclock.net. Further on the list we find two French teams. Without spilling the beans too much, we can say that we have something really exciting coming up for the French Rookie community next year.

We like seeing this evolution and hope many other Rookies find their way to active and vibrant overclocking teams!

Team Rookies # since Aug 17
Canada Overclock.net 24 -11
Germany PC Games Hardware 20 =
France Cowcotland 15 +3
France Republic of Clocker 9 +2
USA Overclockers.com 8 =
Ukraine Overclockers.UA 7 /
Australia Australia OC 7 /
Indonesia BNCC Overclocking 6 N/A
Brazil Fusion-oc.com 7 -1
GB Team MLG 5 =

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