ASRock Runs Water On Mainboard - Z87 OC Formula Really Waterproof?

When we highlighted the Waterproof Coating feature of ASRock's upcoming Z87 motherboards a couple of weeks ago, we saw a lot of enthusiasts respond positively to the news. It seems that although it is probably not so useful for daily practice - who is this terrible watercooling builder with enormeous spills and leakage? - power users are fascinated by the idea of a water condensation proof motherboard.

In a video on YouTube, ASRock shows an Z87 OC Formula running water across the PCB. The monitor behind the board runs 3DMark06 smoothly. Whether this is a legit feature is a question enthusiasts will be able to answer once the boards hit the retail market. To be continued, for sure!

In the meantime, enjoy this video. "This is amazing!"

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