Revision 5 Pro OC Cup to kick off on March 1

A small heads-up for the participants of the Pro OC League. The announced Pro OC Cup, heavily discussed and debated in the thread at the forum will kick off on March 1, 2013. At that date, you will be able to register your Pro OC Team at the competition and select the members that will be joining you on the quest to become the best of the best. The team registration will be open until April 1, exactly one month later, after which date it will no longer be possible to either create a team or join/leave the active Pro OC team for the rest of the competition. After the competition ends, you can of course change teams, create your own or just leave the entire Pro OC Cup alltogether.

The main reason why the competition will start next Friday is actually quite simple. The basic set-up of a Pro OC Cup is five stages in three months. Starting in March, the competition will continue in April and end in May. As Haswell will be launched on Computex at the beginning of June, we can kick off the next season with the new Haswell architecture. Starting one month later, in April, would leave us either the choice to allow Haswell in the last month of the competition or disregard the newest and fastest CPU technology on the market. Two not so great options, to say the least.

As I'm writing this, we are still putting the last finishing touches on the various pages related to the new Pro OC Cup. These will be finished by thursday and go live with a whole bunch of other features and bugfixes - essentially a month's work. The competition details such as stages and their limitations are 90% set in stone and will be revealed soon. This first cup will mainly feature the benchmarks and hardware the Pro OC guys are already running so the change in terms of hardware range won't be that big.

More information soon!

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