AndreYang's 8.79GHz FX-8350 "Sandbag" Frequency Record Unveiled

As you might remember, about a month and a half ago we covered the AMD Extreme Overclocking Show in Taipei, Taiwan. During the show, which was actually the Taiwan launch event for the Trinity and Piledriver based products, several vendors showed off their extreme overclocking products. AndreYang, not present at the event, had earlier that week already set the new record for the FX-8350 processor class at 8.67GHz.

Today, we can see the first of undoubtly a long series of "sandbag" validation results: 8.79GHz!, about 90MHz higher than the current frequency record at HWBOT. As you can see from the validation time, the record was in fact validated November 19, 2012. Given that CES kicks off next week, we assume that the next backup validation could be published right before CeBIT.

In any case, whether you like sandbagging or not (it's part of the game), the achievement is impressive nonetheless. Congratulations!


  • HWBOT CPU Frequency Record list: link
  • HWBOT Tales of Taipei #3 - AMD Extreme Overclocking Show Event Report: link
  • Previous frequency record (8.709GHz): link
  • Previous FX-8350 frequency record: link


Belgium Massman says:

Fyi, for those who don't know the term "sandbagging"

When a player in any game chooses (on purpose) to not play their best. Normally this is because they are too superior, they want to hustle you, or they are too lazy to play their best with nothing on the line.


Canada Vinster says:

But this is not true sand banging as he did perform best, he just neglected to submit it. and could be frustrating to someone else breaking his Nov20th record and not continue further just to have him submit a result that is only a few hours newer... resulting in a near waste of a bench session... More frustrating if you are not a pro paying out of pocket for the LN2... then in that case I call it playing dirty.

India mavihs says:

the date really does get your attention!!!! waiting for an year to finish to post your score!!!!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

There was no need to post it... Andre = one of the untouchables...

India mavihs says:

Leeghoofd said: There was no need to post it... Andre = one of the untouchables...
what are you saying.....i plan on becoming the best in the world once i start earning & get enough dough to buy a pot, a dewar, lots of LN2 to fill the dewar and keep the benching going on & not to forget lots of h/w!!!!! though that is a long long way ahead, it'll be another year or 2 before i can buy a pot & dewar and lots of LN2 to go with it to sustain extrem o/cing!!!

United States sin0822 says:

very nice

Germany SoF says:

Leeghoofd said: There was no need to post it... Andre = one of the untouchables...

Nonetheless he reminds us to bench some more AMD maybe :p

FlanK3r says:

this CPU must be dream with watter cooling setup too. I want it :)

Italy Bob80 says:

6Ghz dailyuse on water ?

FlanK3r says:

Maybe "only" for validation at wattercooling. For daily I dont think so...With custom watter setup around 5200-5300 could be possible, but no more.

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