Shamino brings HD7970 to 1650/1800 MHz on LN2

Three pictures is all you need:

14255 GPU score at 1650/1800. Fyi, NickShih reached 12536 with his GTX 580 at 1650/1325 MHz. According to Shamino, we're looking at 16K 1x GPU 3DMark11 runs with the CPU under LN2. Impressive stuff!


Belgium Massman says:

And that's with a slim GPU pot, apparently ... :D

United States Hondacity says:

wow and that is with ref card... imagin 1800mhz with the matrix limited editions :D

no cb?



Italy Cere says:

VRM stock!??! The master is back...

Belgium Gamer says:

Wow !!!

TaPaKaH says:

that rig is way too tidy by Peter's standards

Italy Mafio says:

great stuff

Colombia saint19 says:

wow, would this new AMD GPUs line take the 1st place on overclock?

Italy 7ornado says:

radeon back in business...keep pushing

Germany der8auer says:

Oh yea :D Can't wait to get this card!

Italy Gabry_Ares says:

Amazing.... :)

Italy rsannino says:

:O impressive!!!!

Canada Vinster says:

OMG... wow.. I need the jaw dropping smiley...

Austria Turrican says:

holy crap. :D

United States sin0822 says:

wow that is sick!

Russian Federation Mefist0 says:

Very nice )

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Well done AMD !! New LN2 king in the house !!

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Very impressive ! and yes this is definitly way too tiny rig for Shamino :D

Indonesia Ipullz says:

amazing result

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