Further information on the HWBOT World Tour 2015

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Belgium Massman says:

Thanks for the explanation, Tim

United States steponz says:

So if I wanted to enter the world series.. I have to pay 80 dollars and be at the event? Or can I bench from home? What hardware do we use to compete? When will it be announced? Pretty confused.

Belgium Massman says:

You have to be at the event. We'll announce the hardware, benchmark and competition style shortly.

Canada Trouffman says:

Thanks for the details Tim ! I can now redirect people that were asking me details :D

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Ow so we can't bench freestyle at Poitiers ?

Belgium Massman says:

Of course you can

TaPaKaH says:

So basically the EU event is "pay 70€ or don't bother to turn up" ?

Belgium Massman says:

Well, if you want to bench LN2 for the entire weekend, then yes you need to pay EUR €70.

Netherlands Oldscarface says:

Keeping a open space in my agenda for sure :-)

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