8 Pack Wins GALAX GOC 2014 in Wuhan China

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Belgium Massman says:

Congratulations everyone!

TaPaKaH says:

XA looks 13 years old on the pic :D

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

I was 19y when I took this photo :D Congrats Ian, Goddy and Alva. Great job! It was close ;) I had great fun during this event, great organization, just like last year. Also those HOF GTX 980 are really strong cards!

Iran Game Theory says:

congras 8ty pack :D

Australia Dinos22 says:

Stage looks impressive

South Africa Vivi says:

Stage was epic!

thanks XA :D. you did crazy well pity about your cards

Italy giorgioprimo says:

great event and great achievement :)

United Kingdom 8 Pack says:

Great event a long time ago in a Galax far far away!!

Argentina nacho_arroyo says:

Great event and congrat to all ocers !

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