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The fastest team on the planet.

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Rank Day Week Month Points Team
66.12468.88CanadaHardware Canucks
67.12027.77ChileMadBoxOC Team
68.12019.68TurkeyHardware Arena Turkiye
69.+111998.80Russian FederationEnthusiasts of Russian Federation
70.+1+1+311988.29KOC2 - Indonesia
71.-1-1-211972.02Russian FederationZ.O.T.
72.11845.69GermanyEnthusiasts of Germany
73.-211666.04United KingdomOverclock3D Bench Team
74.+111436.54ItalyT-O-H OC Team ( Whstore.it)
75.-110885.68FranceUnion Francophone Hwbot
76.+110660.62BulgariaXTREME OC Team Bulgaria
78.+110521.48IndonesiaJagatReview.com Indonesia
79.+210265.07ArgentinaOverclocking Argentina Team
80.+210184.13United KingdomExtreme Overclockers of United Kingdom
82.+210016.22EVGA Enthusiasts
83.+1+3+39468.00United StatesNovices of United States
84.-1-1+19435.58JapanExtreme Overclockers of Japan
85.+39239.13PolandEnthusiasts of Poland