Competition overview

Organizing an overclocking competition has always been a tedious and time-consuming project. The HWBOT Competition Engine (“HCE”) is packed with all kinds of features to host incredible competitions. The competition engine is open to everyone, so now you can create your own contest and compete with your friends!

Why would you use HCE?

The HWBOT Competition Engine allows any individual or small organization to host their own overclocking competition. For example, HCE makes it very easy to run overclocking competitions at your local LAN party, overclocking gathering or event demonstration. Before, competitions were limited to the exclusive club of HWBOT partners and privileged overclockers. But things have changed and today anyone can run their own competition!

What type of competition can we host?

The HWBOT Competition Engine is very flexible. It can support several types of competitions. User vs. User, Teams vs. Teams, limited to specific countries or exclusive to specific users. The HCE also features options to either make your competition completely closed or fully open to the global audience of HWBOT.

The choice is up to you. You can customize your competitions as you please and design your perfect competition. Find out more inside ->

Competition News

Narutoxik and Win Rookie Rumble #13 and Rookie Rumble AMD #10

After the long domination of DaNE, who finally moved on to the Novice League, it rather interesting to see who would follow in his footsteps. Narutoxik, also from France, came out on top as winner before Rick from Germany and Rauf from Sweden. We know Narutoxik from the last Rookie Rumble as he finished 3rd. Both Rick and Rauf are new names in the Rookie Rumble and we look forward to seeing what they can do in the next round as in particular Rick came awefully close to beating Narutoxik this round. He scored two points less across the three stage! In the Rookie Rumble AMD we find at the top of an all-Brazil podium!


Australia Wins All Five Stages to Become HWBOT Country Cup 2014 Champions

What it is about Aussie's and their 'Do for it for Australia' mentality? We've seen it in Cricket, Rugby and other high profile sports and it seems they are now a force to reckon with in Oveclocking as a nation. Team Australia set a new precedent for Country Cup dominance with a full sweep of all five of the contest's unique stages. Let's have a closer look at the final leader board and results after a really good contest that spanned the months of November and December.


AOCT 2014 in Focus: Indonesia Bloods its Next Generation

"[...] What I’m saying is that, the entire industry and community has made some significant strides and thus some of these [overclocking is dangerous] concerns and misconceptions shouldn’t exist anymore, at least not within the enthusiast/gaming community." (The Overclocker Issue 32, December 2014)

I start this article with a quote from an editorial published in the most recent issue of The Overclocker magazine. In an item titled “Overclocking Isolation”, the author points out that the general audience has the same ideas about overclocking today as they had six or ten years ago. Based on his personal experience at a South African gaming expo, he makes a poignant argument stating the industry and community missed a turn over the course of the years.

Tim and I had planned to attend the finals of last year’s AOCT already, but time constraints prevented us from going. This year however, everything was set to learn as much as possible from this overclocking event. What I witnessed exceeded my expectations and made the above quotation more relevant than I thought it was.


DaNE and Win Rookie Rumble #12 and Rookie Rumble AMD #9

The French Rookie overclocker DaNE has shown great overclocking capabilities over the past three months. Before he moved to the Novice League very recently, he dominated the Rookie Rumble competitions by winning five (5!) in total. That's unprecedented in HWBOT's overclocking history. In the Rookie Rumble AMD #9 we got a new winner: from Brazil! Congratulations to both!


Amateur Overclocking Tournament 2014 – The Final Battle

On December 4 HWBOT is flying out to Yogyakarta, Indonesia to follow the conclusion of the AOCT 2014 (Amateur Overclocking Tournament) competition. AOCT is an Indonesian-only overclocking tournament organized by the team of JagatReview is an active force in the world of overclocking, delivering year-over-year participants contending for the overclocking championship titles of MSI Master Overclocking Arena or HyperX OC TakeOver.

The AOCT 2014 is the world’s largest amateur live overclocking tournament and the final rounds take place from December 7 to 10.