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United States dwizle81 says:

How do you change the temp display from Centigrade to Fahrenheit?

Australia zeropluszero says:

You dont. Join the metric masterrace.

Australia newlife says:

zeropluszero said: You dont. Join the metric masterrace.

bunnyen aye :ws:

United States MR. Horse says:

zeropluszero said: You dont. Join the metric masterrace.

Pift you metric scumm. Kelvin is the master race

Australia newlife says:

Kelvin is for use with science and maths and anything else is just plain stupid because it's based on Celsius anyway but hard to relate to

United States Berfs1 says:

How do you set a team captain? I created a team, and left the team, and rejoined, but there is no team captains. How do I set a team captain?

Russian Federation artisms14041991 says:

Please Get Russian Version Site

Germany fiatpower88 says:

I have every time this Eroor: Upload Error : An error occurred while trying to upload the profile, what can i do?


GTBTK says:

The Technical problems contact instructions links to a page that says that Massman does not accept Private Messages. You may want to update this page with updated contact info

United States Loonatik says:

I didn't change much at all, barely tweaked my ROG G751JY and upon reboot I was BRICKED! Someone help me out here because idk what to do and ive tried literally everything I could find online! No POST, no BIOS.

United States l Nuke l says:

how do I set banner to default?

Germany DatHirschi says:

I think there are some problems with calculation! It shows No1 of Enthusiast league. After clicking, it shows 11...

Belarus kurasaki_fgt says:

not working half of the statistics of the gt 1030 graphics card ? please correct.

United States xreaperx22 says:

cant compare online always gives error.

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