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Brazil dhcc25 says:

i need help to undelete my old profile.

Hungary >BigSmoke< says:

Please help I can't log in to the forum to get help there. Password change is not working and the only way to log in to my account is with the direct link from the password retrieval mail.

Norway papusan says:

I need help to get my new score approved. My new highest Cinebench 11.5 score is not added as my best and neither will up in ranking
My link

Switzerland Lio40 says:

Can someone tell me why my super pi 1m fx6300 result is not giving me any points?

Switzerland Lio40 says:

Again same probldm with super pi 1m phenom II 1090t

Malaysia anjing says:

hmmm... i lost all my points for no reason...

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