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Czech Republic XPCZ says:

I would like to change our team flag to Czech Republic flag. Thank you

Estonia Skyhacx says:

You had before website update you guys had comparison tool, where da hell it is naw?

India S_V says:

I can't find submit for SSD benchmark...
Please help

France dx4picco says:

i've done a mistake
please remove my two false score

Gluvocio says:

I cannot log in in the forum... please, give me a new pass

Russian Federation Patriot219 says:

Add the processor A4-3305M

United Kingdom almighty15 says:

My account page has a '!' and username on it, is there a problem with my user name?

Farjam says:

i have a problem with my user and pass
i use pass recovery in hwbot forum and hwbot did not send recovery email for me
i chnanged my email in my acoint but again no email in my email inbox

Farjam says:

for this problem i tried to contact massman but my forum password didnt work!

Netherlands hurricane28 says:

I can't submit my HWBOT prime benchmark, i did run the benchmark and saved the file but it keeps saying that i the file i uploaded has no benchmark results.

Anyone knows what i am doing wrong here?

thnx in advance

Egypt o0R3D0o says:

can you pleas update your hardware database specially the VGA database I can't add the Twin Frozr IV Power Edition as a series of the VGA Card

Denmark Martin.v.r says:

-4 -38 -659 87.20 What happens here is gone 1 month, then so is great about all my points set in 0

United Kingdom Ajay57 says:

Is there a Tech problem with this site as for some reason i cannot up load results??

United Kingdom Ajay57 says:

Can someone fix this please??


Russian Federation YURBAN says:

Hello!, please add a GT 720M Card and Core i3-3210M

Iran GOODMAN says:

Problem.... my point 87.5 Now change to 7.9 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Russian Federation klim@doc says:

HWBOT Unigine Heaven 2.1 dont show score !
How to fix it ??? "runtime error 13 type mismatch"


Russian Federation klim@doc says:

"der8auer" thanks! He really helped me! ))

ARIEHM says:

C'est avec étonnement qu'à ce matin et sans raison apparente j'ai perdu une 15aine de points
Pouvez-vous me donner une explication?

Johni5 says:

My problem is that there are many htpp upload. and any hardware no HTPP.

Please help me! Thanks.

Italy errhon says:

i'm errhon from italy, member in the Xtremehardware-oc-team
I would like to present a problem in HwbotPrime test with Snapdragon 400 and other similar processors using Kernel and Rom modified for Overclock.
I have submitted any results withe default parameters and the best that i obtained was 1664pps with samsung S4mini; so i modded kernel and rom but Hwbot Prime don't work with cpu @2050mhz, he see only a core @1728.
maybe I'm wrong but others users have the same problem. i trust in your help. Thank you

Italy megthebest says:

i have the same issue that ERRHON said.
In my particular case, my nexus 5 seems to obtain very low wbotprime points (1680) even if i overclock the cpu or use alternative custom roms (Slimkat, Mahdi, Miui) and different kernels (franco, elementalx, linear, carbon).
It's very strange, because the cpu doesn't go in thermal throttling. I don't know why the other nexus 5 owner had correct score (more than 3000pps).
Thanks for your help.

United States jagstang94 says:

I am unable to analyze my benchmark results. Can someone help?

Poland krzesuo says:

Hi, maybe I'm not up to date with Hwbot rules, but are the Windows 8/8.1 submitions still banned?

alavadomanuel says:

hello wanted to know because all bench windows blocked with 8.1 thank you very much

Russian Federation michaelnm says:

Help, I can not send the verification datafile of aquamark3 - "Invalid data file: Unable to parse the datafile" (Win XP 32, Radeon 9000pro, GeForce FX 5600 XT) I have verification screenshots. How to be?

Italy errhon says:

anyone can help me?

i bought an Asus Radeon R5 230 2GB but i can't find this card in the database, there is only R5 M230, but is not the same.
this is my submission with gpu-z screen, s

please add my graphic card thank you

United Kingdom testor666 says:

My rig has been classified as engineer sample. How come ?

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