HWBOT General Rules and Guidelines

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Australia cbjaust says:

Is it within the rules to submit one benchmark result in multiple categories? for instance a SuperPi run could be submitted for CPUz, Motherboard Reference and SuperPi...

Belgium richba5tard says:

No, that's fine.

Belgium Massman says:

As long as you provide the correct verification for all benchmarks. CPU-Z validation requires a cpuid verification link.

Israel mevorach says:

Plz add this cpu , I have it

Israel mevorach says:


kikicoco1334 says:

new bot coming out soon?

alavadomanuel says:

hello wanted to know because all bench windows blocked with 8.1 thank you very much

United States TraceFallen says:

many of the manual submissions still do not work. . ..they ask for a file and there is jsut no file to give them

GENiEBEN says:

^Let me put on my magic hat and read your mind.

United States ajc9988 says:

So, I would like clarification on whether this is allowed for submission or not. I have modified the official geforce desktop reference driver to work with my laptop 980m for certain benefits (shadowplay being one of them). In CPU-Z, HWInfo64, HWMonitor64, the hardware is read correctly as a 980m, as well as the driver being read as valid on 3DMark and it properly showing it as a 980M. However, my device manager and GPU-Z read the card as a 980, but do properly record the hardware ID, revision, vendor, etc. Is it OK to submit these scores under the 980M, or will they get flagged? I can submit the instructions for the mod and the driver files themselves if needed.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Just add the above as comment. Is it read out in CPU-Z as 980M?

United States ajc9988 says:

[MENTION=16588]Leeghoofd[/MENTION] - Yes, CPU-Z reads it as 980M. So, if I submit it I would include that to show the 980M as well as GPU-Z.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Yes this to avoid any confusion mate

Canada Johan45 says:

Could I get some clarification for Elite/Extreme league qualifications? One of my members was given an i7 6950x for review that happened to be an ES. He finished his review and made some subs to HWBot with this chip. He was told that he either had to move to elite or disable points for the submissions. The only mention of engineering samples is under elite but it's for testing OC capabilities "you get (engineering grade) hardware for alpha/beta testing overclocking capabilities". I feel this falls into this category under extreme."you receive hardware for reviews, which you afterwards use for your overclocking" since EarthDog wasn't doing any testing for Intel, he was doing a review for them. Any clarification is appreciated. Thanks

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Just disable the points for the submissions and enable them after release of a newer generation of CPUs...

Canada Johan45 says:

OK, but that's not really a clarification. Is this an automatic flag or something that's reported and could be dealt with on an individual basis ?

websmile says:

Hi Johan of course can this be dealt with on individual basis - but the fact that submissions with current generation engineering samples are allowed only for elite league members is not negotiable, means this is same for everyone. If you want to submit for points, you have to be elite, if you are not elite, the only workaround is to submit and disable points (latest 24 hours after submission was made). I did not block the scores but made them pointless and sent a message with this to your team-mate to give him the information. BTW, all his 6950X submissions were reported, this is why I dealt with them :). I hope I could help, best advice if someone gets es more often is elite, otherwise simply disable points from the start

Canada Johan45 says:

OK thanks Websmile, that wasn't the understanding I got from the rules but it is a line in the sand which I can live with. I just wanted to know when it is/isn't allowed. I will keep this in mind moving forward though.

United States Earthdog says:

Rules show it different...

First line of "you are not elite if" is exactly what happened here. I'm not ok with this line in the sand since the line changed from what was already drawn...

Did I miss something?

websmile says:

Rules show exactly what happened - you submitted with an engineering grade piece of hardware, if you would have received a retail randomly for a review, things would be different. Maybe you check your cpu again, there should be written Intel confidential on it and not retail batch for daily use^^

You’re Elite If …

you get a personalized version of overclocking software (eg. Afterburner Extreme) on a regular basis
you get (engineering grade) hardware for alpha/beta testing overclocking capabilities

This is the point, we will not promote you to elite automatically because of this, but engineering level hardware of current generation can only be submitted for point if you accept elite status :)

P.S. And please simply look at 1.2 and the box which shows how es is handled, I think there is nothing more we have to discuss

United States Earthdog says:

I don't get it for alpha/beta testing and overclock capabilities. I don't report back to intel.

Referring to rule 1.2, the cpu is not nda. The results were published after the cpu is available retail.

Again, what am I missing?

websmile says:

Maybe - but if you get an engineering sample, you don´t submit it for points here - ask for a retail next time, we will not change rules that are valid because of you :)

Earthdog`s Cinebench - R15 score: 2323 cb with a Core i7 6950X

Maybe you look at cpu tab again - it says ES, not hwbots fault, and we will not make an exception

United States Earthdog says:

First, see my edit.

Second, it isn't "maybe". I don't get alpha/beta samples to test for overclocking as your rules state.

I'm not asking for special treatment...I'm just following the rules, but, this proverbial line in the sand seems to be a moving target. Is there an additional rule I am missing? So far, I am not elite by your own definition, nor is the chip nda...so why no boints?

Thanks for further clarifying.

Canada Johan45 says:

It might be a good idea to modify the rules to reflect the actual application. IMO that's not what the rules say at present.

websmile says:

So you basically want to tell me that you do not understand the meaning and content of this scheme?

Sorry, but it seems I am unable to help you then...I can not imagine how to make things more clear, maybe someone else can

United States Earthdog says:

By posting what I was missing... which you just did. I missed the pretty table and only read the passage.

So if I understand clearly, I am NOT elite still unless I want to use this current gen ES for boints, correct? I can use it for 3d and be ok, yes?

Thanks again!

Canada Johan45 says:

Sorry, guess I was doing too much reading and not enough looking. I didn't even notice that big colourful table. Um yeah my bad

websmile says:

This is correct, only if you want to use current generation ES for points you have to be elite league member. If you get ES very rarely, I would advice not to upgrade. You can still submit with points disabled, and as soon as next generation comes (Skylake-E I think) you can enable points for your 6950x submissions. No one is promoted automatically or forced to join Elite just because he once forgot to disable points on ES submission.

P.S. No problem, I think we have to integrate a hint to the table in the text - so we can avoid misunderstandings in the future

United States Earthdog says:

Last thing... I snuck in a question about 3d subs on this cpu... is that ok?

Thanks again... and I wouldn't make a hint, just blame it on a one off of 2 people that stopped reading and looking, lol!

websmile says:

It is also not allowed for 3d with points, the rules are strict on this, each use for points is not allowed, sorry

United States Vellinious says:

Having a little trouble with a submission. What else do I have to do here? Why won't this work?

Christian Ney says:

Try removing www.

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