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Rank Day Week Month League Points Overclocker Team
60617. Enthusiast 1.50 Estonia jarm Estonia Enthusiasts of Estonia
60618. Enthusiast 1.50 South Africa ghost619 South Africa Enthusiasts of South Africa
60619. Enthusiast 1.50 United States pauldalton54 United States Enthusiasts of United States
60620. Rookie 1.50 France PaWsEls France Rookies of France
60621. Rookie 1.50 New Zealand DamnFeds New Zealand Rookies of New Zealand
60622. Enthusiast 1.50 United States mm5 United States Enthusiasts of United States
60623. Enthusiast 1.50 Australia jace1160 Australia Enthusiasts of Australia
60624. Novice 1.50 Australia hades198 Australia Novices of Australia
60625. Enthusiast 1.50 United States myront United States Enthusiasts of United States
60626. Enthusiast 1.50 China skyhsiao China Enthusiasts of China
60627. Enthusiast 1.50 Japan ivanalex Japan Enthusiasts of Japan
60628. Novice 1.50 Netherlands Sjaakie Netherlands Novices of Netherlands
60629. Novice 1.50 Portugal Osubalovers Portugal Novices of Portugal
60630. Novice 1.50 United Kingdom Fusilier56 United Kingdom Novices of United Kingdom
60631. Enthusiast 1.50 Costa Rica sergio.spaz Costa Rica Enthusiasts of Costa Rica
60632. Enthusiast 1.50 Australia one80 Australia Australia OC
60633. Novice 1.50 United States waterproofingguy United States Novices of United States
60634. Enthusiast 1.50 Australia fuffythebluedragon Australia Enthusiasts of Australia
60635. Enthusiast 1.50 United States jeffw111 United States Enthusiasts of United States
60636. Enthusiast 1.50 United States funkyou United States Enthusiasts of United States