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Making Writing Flow with Transitional Words and Phrases 

The content of the essays gets complex as you advance in your essay writing. The essays prompt you to analyze, evaluate, and come up with expert opinions, insights, and arguments regarding the subject matter. Where it is easy to carry your readers along with you in your writing for normal essay subjects. For advanced topics, you will have to put in extra effort to induce a flow in your writing, such that your reader can easily comprehend the writing. If you are facing an issue while writing an essay example you should choose the best analytical essay example that guarantees quality essay work.

As the essay writer, you will often come across feedback comments such as ‘patchy’, ‘lack of flow’, ‘need more transitioning’, etc. when you submit an essay that doesn’ flow smoothly from one point to the next. To overcome this problem you will need to need to include transition words in your writing. These transition words can be subordinating conjunctions or coordinating conjunctions. However, in order to perfect your transitioning, you will need to improve in other parts of your writing as well. You can do this by:

Using the punctuations well
Including various sentence structures
Adding transitioning in your sentences
Getting the logic right

Transitioning using connecting words
The conjunctions help connect one part of the sentence to another allowing you to show the relationship between various thoughts and information. To use connecting words you will need to know the grammatical rules around the connectors. Different types of connectors or transition words help you transition both at the sentence level or between the paragraphs.

There are three main types of connecting words and phrases:

Coordinating conjunctions

These conjunctions link words that come in a list or link the sentences that are complete together or on their own. There are seven main coordinating conjunctions:

The rule for using these conjunctions is to place a comma before them if the sentences that are connected are complete independent sentences.

Subordinating conjunctions

The subordinating conjunctions connect an independent clause with a dependent clause which depends on the independent sentence for its meaning. The subordinating conjunctions can come at the start of the sentence if the sentence starts with the dependent clause.

Some of the common subordinating conjunctions are:
Even though
Such as
Even if

Conjunctive adverbs

The conjunctive adverbs are adverbs that act more like conjunctions, that instead of modifying other words, help connect two independent clauses. There is usually a semicolon before the conjunctive adverb when it comes to the sentences. However, when it comes to the start you should add a comma after it.

Here are various conjunctive adverbs that you will find yourself using for transitioning.

In conclusion

Transitioning through logic

You will learn in your writing that the excessive use of transition words can bog down your essay and make your style monotonous. Though you can’t do away with the connecting words, you still can lessen their use by opting to arrange and classify your ideas and information. This arrangement of the information will allow your readers to see a pattern in your writing, and they will know what to expect next. This will lessen down your dependence on transition words automatically. If you are facing an issue while writing an essay example you should choose the best persuasive essay examples that guarantees quality essay work.

Transitioning through punctuation

One of the most overlooked ways to connect your thoughts is through the use of punctuation in your writing. Most expert writers know when to use the various punctuation to communicate complex thoughts with ease and eloquence. However, you should know the various punctuations that should be sparsely used in your writing. Here is a list of punctuations that you can use (the formality of the punctuation decreases down the list).

Full stop
Exclamation point


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