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Why we use College debate topics
By the time a person reaches college, he or she should be accustomed to debating. We are not all fantastic at debating, but by college it is expected that a person is able to form an opinion and defend it. According to statistics help college debate topics move away from simple argument vs. argument, and into territory of persuasion. A person is expected to be able to persuade other people with more than just good arguments. It may be more a case of saying each argument at the right time, and defending an attack with good arguments.

Students who are more outgoing and less academic are allowed to shine

Debate topics for college students give a chance to those who are good at research and good at reasoning; however, it is also a good place for outgoing people too. It is a good place for people who have personal charm and charisma, because a lot of the emphasis with college debates goes on convincing the audience of your point of view as opposed to the other parties point of view. Well reasoned and well executed arguments will help to do this, but a large part of the process comes through charm and persuasion.

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A debate forces college students to question the assumptions they have leapt to

According to the experts from college essay help college debates are not often on simple subjects, those are the subjects that were covered in the middle school and high school. College debates are based on topics that are more complex, with multiple facets, and usually upon subjects that have no predefined right answer. In many cases the college student is forced the question the assumptions they leapt to and subsequently took for granted. There are often forced to question their knee jerk reactions to examine why are they were so profoundly affected by a certain viewpoint. Many times a college student will find that he or she is riddled with prejudices, which helps them to grow and learn so that they become well rounded and better adjusted adult.

1. Should people be able to have multiple relationships at the same time?
2. Are social networking sites dangerous for people’s privacy?
3. Does social networking have too much of an influence on society?
4. How efficient is torture at interrogating suspects?
5. Is torture successful if it protects national security?
6. Every child should have his or her own phone.
7. Peer pressure is a good idea because it promotes inclusion.
8. Violent video games help toughen people up to face the world’s horrors.
9. The death penalty is the only way to deal with some criminals.
10. Corporal punishment is inhumane and degrading treatment.
11. Pornography does nothing except objectify women.
12. Smoking is a great social tool.
13. Cigarettes are dangerous and should be made illegal.
14. The US should end its restrictions against Cuba.
15. Homework doesn’t help students learn or retain information.
16. Eating meat is unethical and unhealthy.
17. Driving a car is something everyone should be taught whilst in school.
18. Celebrities should be forced to clean up their public images.
19. Credit cards are a danger to society.
20. Getting into debt is never acceptable.
21. Zoos are essentially just prisons for animals.
22. Fast food should have further regulations to improve their ingredients.
23. Junk food is the Western world’s biggest health threat.
24. Excessive alcohol consumption is a valid method of entertainment.
25. Art has no place in state schools.
26. The government should create dedicated music and art schools.
27. Children should be treated like adults when they commit a crime.
28. Human cloning can eliminate many genetic disorders.
29. Nuclear power is the biggest danger to our society.
30. Nuclear energy is more dangerous than oil and coal.
31. Toy weapons are dangerous to a child’s mental well-being.
32. Security cameras don’t reduce crime rates.
33. We should implement security cameras within people’s homes.
34. Should we raise the minimum wage level?
35. Do companies have a right to market their goods to children?
36. Are relationships with huge age differences acceptable?
37. Should compulsory education be abolished?
38. Companies shouldn’t be limited in the ways they can advertise their goods and services.
39. Curfews don’t work to stop children from getting into trouble.
40. Physical punishment helps instill respect in children and teens.
41. Libraries should have their inventories regulated by local government.
42. Public humiliation encourages people to do better and excel.
43. The Caste System is the best way to separate society.
44. Celebrities have no benefit for our society.
45. Schools should conduct drug tests on its students.
46. Is love important when it comes to marriage?
47. Men should always keep the house in the event of a divorce.
48. Elections never change anything.
49. Do rich people need to make a bigger financial contribution to society?
50. Overpopulation isn’t a problem.
51. Gender quotas should be enacted for all major companies.
52. Journalists should stick to just informing their readers of the news.
53. Humans have become more selfish than ever.
54. Poor people don’t benefit from welfare.
55. Should it be a criminal offense to have a child if you can’t afford it?
56. Cycling is the optimal way of getting around.
57. Public transport is inefficient and needs a massive overhaul.
58. Is public transport too expensive?
59. Should colleges do more to help students get into their chosen careers?
60. Do colleges need to take more responsibility for student failure?

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