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5 Sizzling Summer Gadgets for Your 4th of July

LuvMySelfy Stick With A Flash: You know these things are really bothersome and recently selfie sticks have been banned at Disneyland and some other attractions but a new LED flash improvement has brought the selfie stick price back into prime summertime action. The LuvMySelfy Stick has two high powered LED lights at the base of the phone mount, making night time selfies, sunset selfies and 4th of July firework selfies look amazing. The LuvMySelfy stick operates seamlessly with your phone's camera using a Bluetooth button on the handle and it is rechargeable. It has three settings so you can use the selfie stick without a flash, with flash and the LED lights can also stay on for video recording. A nice and unexpected benefit of the LuvMySelfy Stick happens when you flip the mount 180 degrees and record using your phones light and the extra led lights from the selfie stick. With all of this extra lighting the quality and distance of your night photos and videos will be greatly increased.

iSwimBand: Summer brings images of the beach and pool instantly to mind. Happy thoughts can quickly turn to anxiety and stress if you are a parent with infants, toddlers, or inexperienced swimmers. We all know how fast tragedy can occur when a toddler or swimmer is near water unsupervised. The iSwimBand is a sensor that you fit into a headband or bracelet and that sensor connects to your apple device wirelessly to alert you if your child is in the water. This sensor is a must have if you are a parent or child caregiver with a pool.