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Top Dogs Breeds for People with Busy Schedules

Having a dog as your pet companion can be fulfilling and at the same time fun but don't forget it required an ESA letter. Having a companion dog means taking responsibility for its health and well being. You will have to take care of your dog’s diet, exercise, cleanliness, and general health. If you are a busy person, you might think that with your job and other activities you won’t have the time and energy to have a companion dog.

This applies also for the people suffering from emotional difficulties, and who have been advised to adopt an emotional support animal registration dog by a mental health specialist. These people fear that they won’t have the time for their emotional support animal and will end up neglecting their ESA dog’s needs.

However, even with your busy schedule, you still can have a dog: a low maintenance dog that will require minimum grooming and will be content with a few walks.

There are a lot of breeds that you can choose from, each one with its own specific qualities in addition to being low-maintenance.

Off and on chance, you can get a fake ESA letter for this you can see the real emotional support animal letter sample from a real ESA letter website

If you live alone, have a day time job, and don’t see much of your dog during the day time, you will come home to an eager and patient dog happy to see you. You can take them on walks when you are back from work and they will be content with the routine. These dogs need little grooming due to their short coat. They are also quieter than you might initially think; they don’t bark a lot and are not a nuisance in that department, for you or your neighbors.

However, these dogs required an ESA letter for housing to keep them at home

Having a Chihuahua as a pet companion will make life easy for you. This breed doesn’t require lots of exercises and they will be content with a couple of short walks. Having your chihuahua trained from an early age will help you keep it with you and under your control. This dog breed is easy to travel with and doesn’t take much space.

You will only have to brush the dog’s coat once in a while. The grooming cost is few and the grooming visit is needed not very often. 

Tosa might look menacing because of its size and muscular build and may seem not the perfect dog especially for a pet parent with not a lot of time to train and exercise this giant breed. However, the Tosa is a gentle giant who will always be gentle and will be content with a few walks, and you will only need to increase the activity if your Tosa seems to gain weight.

With good training, they can be great indoor animals. They are also great at being guard dogs and will guard your house, you, and your family but they need an ESA letter and if you need to download the ESA letter sample you can get from the ESA letter website

Boston Terrier
If you are living in an apartment and want a dog that is fun to be around and likes the attention, then Boston Terrier is your choice. You won’t have to concern yourself with grooming this breed regularly as its coat is very low-maintenance. Though, a Boston Terrier will need you to get it involved in indoor exercise and activities, in addition to the outdoor walks.

Daschunds are fun to be around. They are friendly with household pets and kids and are very open to indoor activities and games. Despite that, they are not that demanding of you, as they can sit content by your side and get their exercise by running around the house or in the backyard. Their short coat requires only the occasional care and you don’t have to take it to grooming sessions often.

If, in any case, you are confused about how to get an ESA letter online you can google about real ESA letter.

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