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Apprentice - Sweden - United Kingdom Team MLG

Liga Rangliste
Weltweit: #202 out of 31631
Apprentice League: #6 out of 1466
Team: #10 Team MLG
Länder: Medal #4 Sweden

Season Ranking
Weltweit: #12 out of 1957
Apprentice League: Cup Gold #1 out of 136
Team: Cup Bronze #3 Team MLG
Länder: Cup Silver #2 Sweden

Other Rankings
Hardware Masters: #108 von 192363

Global Masters: #82 out of 192363
Career Ranking: 1.806,7 from 2014 - 2021
Top 30 global points 519,3
Top 60 hardware points 1.287,4
Season 2021: 1.735,8 in 2021
Top 10 competitions points 389
Top 15 global points 371,4
Top 30 hardware points 586,4
Team Power Punkte: 7.485,2 erzielt für das Team (GTPP und: HTPP)

Totale Punkte:
Global: 584,8 erzielt in Benchmark Ranglisten
Hardware: 5.311 erzielt in Hardware Ranglisten
Wettkampf: 4.088 erzielt in Wettkämpfen
Totale Punkte: 9.983,8 Punkte in Total

Erfolge: 56/104 Freigeschalten

Challenges: 0/1 Gewonnen

Über mich

Started OC in Uganda which was difficult as even with ice water in a bucket saw too much condensation. Moved to Italy and did some more OC in the winter with 4C outside the room and the computer standing in the garden. now back in another hot place in Philippines ;-) so more difficult but still enjoyable. I am so far sticking to the watercooling but love testing out new equipment. I added on a Hailea water cooler so can get the water temps down to 3C but have to keep checking the humidity here so I dont end up with more dead hardware. Am not sponsored for anything but keep all hardware I buy to re-visit at some time :-) Meanwhile my clear preference is Asus with its stabile and usually outstanding bios and performance compared to other brands. Making it much easier to focus on the OC itself rather than hickups....

two blogposts about my oc adventures



Am also radio amateur SM7PKK since ages.

Erfolge Schaufenster

31 Oktober 18
contribute 5000 points to your team
8 September 18
Make 25 submissions with the CPU at subzero temperatures (picture required).
23 September 18
Make 25 submissions with the GPU at subzero temperatures (picture required).
15 Juli 19
Collect 175 golden cups
28 April 20
Be #1 of Your Overclockers League