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A healthy and well balanced breakfast should be eaten an hour or so before your test. Your breakfast should include a healthy combination of protein, carbs and fruit or vegetables. This will give your mind the energy it needs to focus and recall information.

Students who suffer from test taking anxiety have difficulty with recalling and organizing information. Also, students tend to have difficulty with understanding simple instructions and lack focus. The above strategies can help a student feel confident and well prepared for compare and contrast essay. Using all of these strategies will not only reduce test taking anxiety but will also provide the tools for a successful school experience.
Once you have thoroughly examined your motives and your specific strengths, you are well on your way to identifying a study partner who will suit you. Ideally, your perfect partner's own strengths and weaknesses will match yours like a puzzle piece - you will not be identical, but instead mirror opposites. Together, your complementary strengths and weaknesses should form a more complete picture.

Identify the basis of your friendship
Although compatible strengths and weaknesses are an essential starting point, they are not the sole pre-conditions of an ideal study partnership. After all, when you meet with your study partner, you must actually study! If you are very good friends with your potential study partner, ask yourself if you can truly study together without getting distracted. On the other hand, if you are merely casual friends and there remains an obligatory feeling to make small talk and get to know one another, this may not be a productive partnership either. Your study sessions must ultimately focus on the content to be reviewed - not on the people involved.

Set expectations
When you have decided on a study partner, be intentional about establishing what you are each hoping to accomplish with your study time. Decide together what you will study, when you will meet to study it, and how you are going to go about dividing up any prep work for your session. Make sure both you and your partner are on the same page at all times, and encourage open communication to address any issues that may arise.


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