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According to my study and flatrockplayhouse reviews, I had quite substantial expectations for this particular unit, and I am pleased to state I have yet to be disappointed. I haven't found one thing wrong with it. As a mechanical engineer, I marvel at how robust and secure it's considering how easy and fast it was to build. Everything about this system is solid and smooth. 1 reviewer had complained about the black crud on the railing. Not certain if that is dirt in the sealed (I believe ) roller bearings, or just dirt from the atmosphere, but you are going to notice a small accumulation after a couple of hours use. Nonetheless, it wipes off easily using a rag and glass cleaner. In addition, you have to wash out the pliers under the chair that's easy to perform. 1 reviewer remarked there was not sufficient immunity, but should you find this to be the situation, well "you are doing it wrong." Spend a couple of minutes on YouTube and observe how the experts do it. Dark Horse Rowing along with British Trainers have great details. It is more difficult to receive my heartbeat on the rower than in my own hands, but the exercise (legs and arms ) is far better. I simply spend 15 minutes on the elliptical to lift my heartbeat, then get on the rower and it remains up in the zone.

And. . .for now, until I move it the Concept2 Model D sits facing a tv so that I don't have an excuse to prevent even a fast workout when watching a show or film. I couldn't recommend this indoor rower any more highly! It is unquestionably a monetary investment, but for me personally, it has been a really worthwhile one.

One last thing...I emailed Concept2 using two or three easy (probably dumb ) questions and they return to me within a few hours on a Saturday. I expect excellent customer support, but that was fantastic. They were equally helpful and incredibly enthusiastic with their answer. That only takes things on the top and when I could, I'd have included a sixth star to the evaluation.