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Mondial: #5130 out of 29131
Enthusiast League: #2470 out of 24534
Equipe: #256 Overclock.net
Pays: #632 United States

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Other Rankings
Hardware Masters: #5055 sur 152692

Global Masters: #5386 out of 152692
Career Ranking: 43,9 from 2013 - 2019
Top 30 global points 6,5
Top 60 hardware points 37,4
Season 2019: n/a
Points Team Power 137,5 remportés pour l'équipe (GTPP et: HTPP)

Total de points
Global: 6,5 remportés dans le classement benchmarks
Hardware: 37,4 remportés dans le classement hardware
compétition: 0 remportés en compétition
Total de points 43,9 points au total

Trophées: 18/104 débloqué

Défis: 0/0 gagné par

À propos de moi


Interests: Aero + Thermal

I still remember PCs with 5.25" floppies.

CPUs I vaguely remember: 486, Pentium MMX, PII, PIII,
CPUs I remember: AMD K6 in IBM? prebuilt, K6-2 in Compaq prebuilt, AMD Athlon 1.3GHz (K7) in HP prebuilt, P4 in Dell prebuilt (Intel bribed & lied about Netburst), P4-M in HP laptop (disaster), Athlon XP 1800+ in HP Compaq prebuilt, Athlon 64 3200+ in HP prebuilt, CoreDuo T2500 (Thinkpad), Core2Quad Q6600, Phenom II x4 920 , Phenom II 810, i3-330m , i7-4700MQ ... avoided Bulldozer but still dealt with P4

GPUs I vaguely remember: ATI Rage Pro, Diamond Stealth, S3 Savage4
GPUs I remember: Geforce 4 MX440, ATI 9600 XT, EVGA 8600gt (G84 Nvidia lied about), EVGA 9800gtx+ , Firepro V4800 (HD5600 series , wasn't amazing)

AoTS is a benchmark but not many people play it unlike Anno series, Total Annihilation , Supreme Commander , Company of Heroes, Command&Conquer series, Earth 2150 (pretty obscure), Homeworld, Starcraft, etc.