Warp9-systems members

Warp9-systems has 32 members which have contributed to the team total points. Aleslammer has contributed the most, with a total of 30796.1 points!

Team captains

The team captains are:

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Member Of The Month July.

macsbeach98 made 387 submissions, worth 2481.8 points, which earned him the title of member of the month July.

Top 5 Most Active Members In The Past Month.

Member Points
macsbeach98 263 submissions worth 3880.4 points
Aleslammer 200 submissions worth 1464.5 points
MachineLearning 104 submissions worth 920.6 points
MrPaco 124 submissions worth 360.8 points
Fasttrack 20 submissions worth 211.5 points
8 more members submitted in the last month.

Team contributions.

Rank Contribution Member League TPP UP
1. 36,089.23pts flag   Aleslammer Apprentice 30,796.10 52,931.30
2. 31,570.88pts flag   MrPaco Enthusiast 27,798.70 37,721.80
3. 17,992.05pts flag   macsbeach98 Extreme 13,971.30 40,207.50
4. 15,771.01pts flag   sparkey247 Extreme 12,485.30 32,857.10
5. 14,927.31pts flag   Fasttrack Apprentice 13,303.00 16,243.10
6. 13,990.74pts flag   IntelGuy Extreme 12,457.10 15,336.40
7. 12,791.03pts flag   GENiEBEN Enthusiast 10,632.70 21,583.30
8. 11,780.12pts flag   ksateaaa23 Enthusiast 9,522.20 22,579.20
9. 9,684.67pts flag   LewdLila Apprentice 8,061.70 16,229.70
10. 9,616.49pts flag   cbjaust Enthusiast 7,943.70 16,727.90
11. 8,360.14pts flag   MetalRacer Extreme 6,289.20 20,709.40
12. 8,032.45pts flag   Zarok77 Extreme 7,421.40 6,110.50
13. 6,247.69pts flag   Bullant Extreme 5,552.00 6,956.90
14. 4,607.82pts flag   kotori Apprentice 3,753.30 8,545.20
15. 4,585.59pts flag   Ashley98 Enthusiast 3,930.20 6,553.90
16. 4,449.18pts flag   CHUCKGUNZ Apprentice 3,339.40 11,097.80
17. 4,127.07pts flag   Mr.Scott Apprentice 2,746.20 13,808.70
18. 3,890.21pts flag   ViNG Apprentice 2,653.20 12,370.10
19. 3,835.44pts flag   Bones Extreme 2,897.60 9,378.40
20. 3,632.60pts flag   MachineLearning Novice 3,018.20 6,144.00
21. 2,326.25pts flag   ShrimpBrime Extreme 1,606.10 7,201.50
22. 1,036.15pts flag   WhiteWulfe Apprentice 635.90 4,002.50
23. 926.44pts flag   matty50racer Apprentice 728.60 1,978.40
24. 925.19pts flag   Casanova Extreme 540.60 3,845.90
25. 638.07pts flag   rushed down Apprentice 356.30 2,817.70
26. 606.71pts flag   cjgdsgrc50 Apprentice 358.40 2,483.10
27. 600.03pts flag   Vinster Apprentice 419.40 1,806.30
28. 535.64pts flag   OsmiumOC Apprentice 320.60 2,150.40
29. 424.09pts flag   glnn_23 Enthusiast 331.30 927.90
30. 342.01pts flag   freeagent Enthusiast 247.50 945.10
31. 239.26pts flag   zila1 Enthusiast 172.60 666.60
32. 170.64pts flag   alamakluke Enthusiast 92.40 782.40

Cups & medals.

Rank Member Global cups Hardware cups
1. flag   Aleslammer 1x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 2x Medal 3336x Cup Gold 1392x Cup Silver 664x Cup Bronze 697x Medal
2. flag   MrPaco 9x Cup Gold 13x Cup Silver 13x Cup Bronze 15x Medal 2768x Cup Gold 1086x Cup Silver 394x Cup Bronze 504x Medal
3. flag   macsbeach98 1x Cup Bronze 639x Cup Gold 373x Cup Silver 229x Cup Bronze 310x Medal
4. flag   sparkey247 1x Cup Silver 1x Medal 960x Cup Gold 643x Cup Silver 460x Cup Bronze 618x Medal
5. flag   Fasttrack 4x Cup Gold 5x Cup Silver 4x Cup Bronze 12x Medal 166x Cup Gold 162x Cup Silver 104x Cup Bronze 147x Medal
6. flag   IntelGuy 1x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 1x Medal 1208x Cup Gold 645x Cup Silver 403x Cup Bronze 346x Medal
7. flag   GENiEBEN 1x Cup Gold 910x Cup Gold 512x Cup Silver 283x Cup Bronze 321x Medal
8. flag   ksateaaa23 2x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 3x Medal 410x Cup Gold 358x Cup Silver 282x Cup Bronze 339x Medal
9. flag   LewdLila 1x Cup Gold 2x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 3x Medal 406x Cup Gold 314x Cup Silver 264x Cup Bronze 361x Medal
10. flag   cbjaust 1x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 4x Medal 571x Cup Gold 302x Cup Silver 209x Cup Bronze 255x Medal
11. flag   MetalRacer 14x Cup Gold 29x Cup Silver 30x Cup Bronze 51x Medal
12. flag   Zarok77 1x Cup Gold 2x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 7x Medal 56x Cup Gold 48x Cup Silver 30x Cup Bronze 36x Medal
13. flag   Bullant 1x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 2x Medal 37x Cup Gold 27x Cup Silver 24x Cup Bronze 32x Medal
14. flag   kotori 311x Cup Gold 95x Cup Silver 65x Cup Bronze 67x Medal
15. flag   Ashley98 3x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 1x Medal 462x Cup Gold 151x Cup Silver 92x Cup Bronze 99x Medal
16. flag   CHUCKGUNZ 191x Cup Gold 231x Cup Silver 198x Cup Bronze 193x Medal
17. flag   Mr.Scott 147x Cup Gold 132x Cup Silver 101x Cup Bronze 167x Medal
18. flag   ViNG 96x Cup Gold 105x Cup Silver 106x Cup Bronze 135x Medal
19. flag   Bones 1x Medal 182x Cup Gold 96x Cup Silver 78x Cup Bronze 115x Medal
20. flag   MachineLearning 2x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 258x Cup Gold 131x Cup Silver 78x Cup Bronze 94x Medal
21. flag   ShrimpBrime 1x Medal 88x Cup Gold 85x Cup Silver 78x Cup Bronze 101x Medal
22. flag   WhiteWulfe 19x Cup Gold 17x Cup Silver 8x Cup Bronze 33x Medal
23. flag   matty50racer 21x Cup Gold 7x Cup Silver 10x Cup Bronze 10x Medal
24. flag   Casanova 9x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 7x Cup Bronze 2x Medal
25. flag   rushed down 14x Cup Gold 10x Cup Silver 12x Cup Bronze 25x Medal
26. flag   cjgdsgrc50 11x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 4x Cup Bronze 6x Medal
27. flag   Vinster 3x Cup Gold 18x Cup Silver 6x Cup Bronze 20x Medal
28. flag   OsmiumOC 14x Cup Gold 9x Cup Silver 4x Cup Bronze 8x Medal
29. flag   glnn_23 1x Medal 7x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 1x Medal
30. flag   freeagent 1x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 9x Medal
31. flag   zila1 4x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 7x Medal
32. flag   alamakluke 1x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 2x Medal