Team MLG`s Profile

Position ranking
Worldwide: #9 of 10931
National: #1 of 239 in United Kingdom

Achievements: 32/35 unlocked

Members: 112
Elite: 5 (1 active)
Extreme: 19 (8 active)
Apprentice: 10 (7 active)
Enthusiast: 76 (5 active)
Novice: 1 (0 active)
Rookie: 1 (1 active)
Points earned
User points: 0 + 23,622.6 + 252,857 + 318 (WR + GL + HW + EP)
Power points: 24,881.7 + 74,685.4 (GL + HW)
Total points: 127,246.86 (PP + UP/10)

About Us

Welcome to Team MLG. The UK's No.1 bench team.

Join the UK OC discord channel

Many team members and UK overclockers are in there.

Please make sure you read the rules for each benchmark before making a submission and if you have any questions ask a team captain or a hwbot mod.

For people coming to the team meets don't forget:
Monitor (with any power/video cables)
Pots for LN2
Blow torch/heatgun/hairdyer
Insulation Materials
All your hardware
Spare HDD/SSD with cloned OS in case you break windows with oc
PSU and cables
USB Stick for uploading/saving scores or getting os and drivers
Thermal Paste

Optional things:
Spare pots or hardware like boards or mems people can borrow