Extreme Overclockers of Brazil members

Extreme Overclockers of Brazil has 4 members which have contributed to the team total points. OverHeat Pcmaster CWB has contributed the most, with a total of 1411.3 points!

Team captains

This team has no captains assigned. Please contact HWBOT crew or leave a message on the forums to gain captain privileges.

Team contributions.

Rank Contribution Member League TPP UP
1. 1,504.97pts flag   OverHeat Pcmaster CWB Extreme 1,411.30 936.70
2. 1,435.37pts flag   Raul SDT Extreme 1,382.00 533.70
3. 383.13pts flag   acschenck Extreme 365.30 178.30
4. 146.12pts flag   doompc Extreme 128.70 174.20

Cups & medals.

Rank Member Global cups Hardware cups
1. flag   OverHeat Pcmaster CWB 2x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 8x Medal
2. flag   Raul SDT 6x Cup Gold 4x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 8x Medal
3. flag   acschenck
4. flag   doompc 2x Cup Silver