Bench! [OC Team] members

Bench! [OC Team] has 14 members which have contributed to the team total points. John_White has contributed the most, with a total of 2873.5 points!

Team captains

The team captains are:

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Team contributions.

Rank Contribution Member League TPP UP
1. 3,357.63pts flag   John_White Extreme 2,873.50 4,841.30
2. 3,129.16pts flag   md5 Extreme 2,579.30 5,498.60
3. 1,669.43pts flag   SWED Extreme 1,271.30 3,981.30
4. 1,088.48pts flag   Tomasthegod Enthusiast 955.40 1,330.80
5. 951.76pts flag   mrhanky Enthusiast 832.70 1,190.60
6. 477.06pts flag   Tim4 Enthusiast 371.00 1,060.60
7. 258.10pts flag   steel_shoulder Enthusiast 224.90 332.00
8. 252.97pts flag   AuroraLX Apprentice 215.70 372.70
9. 214.53pts flag   deigraf Extreme 155.30 592.30
10. 181.73pts flag   bit1der Enthusiast 153.60 281.30
11. 113.87pts flag   German Good Extreme 89.80 240.70
12. 94.50pts flag   the_zaha Enthusiast 90.80 37.00
13. 68.96pts flag   petrdzb Enthusiast 63.50 54.60
14. 57.30pts flag   Viktor88 Enthusiast 44.20 131.00

Cups & medals.

Rank Member Global cups Hardware cups
1. flag   John_White 2x Cup Gold 2x Medal
2. flag   md5 11x Cup Gold 13x Cup Silver 16x Cup Bronze 29x Medal
3. flag   SWED 1x Cup Gold 5x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 14x Medal
4. flag   Tomasthegod 1x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 13x Medal
5. flag   mrhanky 12x Cup Gold 8x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 8x Medal
6. flag   Tim4 7x Cup Gold 13x Cup Silver 7x Cup Bronze 11x Medal
7. flag   steel_shoulder 6x Cup Gold 4x Cup Silver 4x Cup Bronze 5x Medal
8. flag   AuroraLX 4x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 1x Medal
9. flag   deigraf 2x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 4x Medal
10. flag   bit1der 1x Medal
11. flag   German Good 1x Medal
12. flag   the_zaha 1x Cup Gold 2x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 1x Medal
13. flag   petrdzb
14. flag   Viktor88