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AHOCD has 19 members which have contributed to the team total points. saltycroissant has contributed the most, with a total of 3599.7 points!

Team captains

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Member Of The Month May.

saltycroissant made 39 submissions, worth 562.7 points, which earned him the title of member of the month May.

Top 5 Most Active Members In The Past Month.

Member Points
saltycroissant 32 submissions worth 361.9 points
Negative_Feedback 8 submissions worth 94.0 points
AlexHempel 5 submissions worth 73.1 points
Kif_Kroker1729 7 submissions worth 24.7 points
R3dRumG33k 6 submissions worth 10.5 points

Team contributions.

Rank Contribution Member League TPP UP
1. 3,857.31pts flag   saltycroissant Apprentice 3,599.70 2,576.10
2. 3,567.87pts flag   redux Apprentice 3,449.20 1,186.70
3. 1,864.78pts flag   gt403cyl2 Apprentice 1,807.30 574.80
4. 1,027.17pts flag   Kif_Kroker1729 Enthusiast 1,001.60 255.70
5. 951.38pts flag   cmoney619 Enthusiast 939.10 122.80
6. 417.99pts flag   Negative_Feedback Apprentice 389.90 280.90
7. 367.29pts flag   AlexHempel Apprentice 337.00 302.90
8. 360.42pts flag   skoopsro Novice 350.50 99.20
9. 294.27pts flag   SaskOCGuy Novice 285.30 89.70
10. 267.79pts flag   R3dRumG33k Extreme 264.20 35.90
11. 171.15pts flag   billwanchalo Enthusiast 169.50 16.50
12. 115.69pts flag   tpeng99 Novice 115.10 5.90
13. 64.08pts flag   Lumaterian Enthusiast 61.60 24.80
14. 62.20pts flag   kuokes Enthusiast 62.20 0.00
15. 56.88pts flag   davegreen Extreme 44.30 125.80
16. 55.80pts flag   Cheesecake16 Novice 52.30 35.00
17. 52.04pts flag   RonLeizrowice Novice 51.40 6.40
18. 32.14pts flag   eraser1 Rookie 31.60 5.40
19. 10.33pts flag   labonm Apprentice 8.60 17.30

Cups & medals.

Rank Member Global cups Hardware cups
1. flag   saltycroissant 1x Cup Gold 1x Cup Bronze 1x Medal 43x Cup Gold 38x Cup Silver 25x Cup Bronze 33x Medal
2. flag   redux 1x Medal 79x Cup Gold 68x Cup Silver 47x Cup Bronze 57x Medal
3. flag   gt403cyl2 19x Cup Gold 11x Cup Silver 17x Cup Bronze 27x Medal
4. flag   Kif_Kroker1729 1x Medal 1x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze 5x Medal
5. flag   cmoney619 1x Cup Silver 1x Medal 1x Cup Gold 2x Cup Silver 4x Medal
6. flag   Negative_Feedback 1x Cup Silver 9x Cup Gold 4x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 3x Medal
7. flag   AlexHempel 2x Cup Gold 6x Cup Silver 2x Cup Bronze 1x Medal
8. flag   skoopsro 5x Cup Gold 4x Cup Silver 5x Cup Bronze 6x Medal
9. flag   SaskOCGuy 12x Cup Gold 3x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 3x Medal
10. flag   R3dRumG33k 12x Cup Gold 2x Cup Silver 1x Cup Bronze
11. flag   billwanchalo
12. flag   tpeng99 10x Cup Gold
13. flag   Lumaterian 4x Cup Gold 1x Cup Silver 3x Cup Bronze 4x Medal
14. flag   kuokes
15. flag   davegreen
16. flag   Cheesecake16 1x Medal
17. flag   RonLeizrowice
18. flag   eraser1
19. flag   labonm