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4min 1sec 766ms with Intel Core i9 10900K at 7461MHz

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Cup Gold 1st out of 41

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SuperPi - 32M screenshot
ROG Maximus XII Apex
ROG Maximus XII Apex
Trident Z Royal
Trident Z Royal

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  • Capacity: 240GB (AHCI)

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Recent Comments

Korea (republic) safedisk commented on his own score:

ASUS ROG Motherboard R&D TEAM

Germany Don_Dan says:

Congratulations for the new 32M WR!

Czech Republic Berhof007 says:

Awesome job, CG!

United States MaddMutt says:

Did you LN2 the memory? I Love the pictures :-) Thanks

FlanK3r says:

Awesome! Again -1s down! New R.

United States Sparky's__Adventure says:

Would sub 4m be possible with liquid helium?

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Probably the most impressive score for this launch. Congrats!!

United Kingdom Matt26LFC says:

Great run! LHe?

Germany Bullshooter says:

Great Score

Australia Dinos22 says:

Solid 32M. Soooo close to the illusive sub 4m mark.

South Africa Vivi says:

DUUUDE massive!!! go for sub 4min you can do it!!

Germany Dancop says:

Just wow!

Sweden Rauf says:

Wow, nice cpu and great score! Looking forward to sub 4!

Puerto Rico chispy says:

Monster score , well done. Impressive.

Italy rsannino says:

Congrats mate :) very good score!!!

Hungary Achill3uS says:

Well didn't expected that :D Well done!!!!!!

Hiwa says:

Can't wait to see sub 4

United States twopaca says:


United Kingdom Noxinite says:

Pls rebench, this sub isn't sub 4 min. ;)

Israel shar00750 says:


Ukraine Kashtan says:

Huge! 4 m edge is down very close!

Russian Federation kim55 says:


United States AKM says:

Congrats! Insane time!

Australia unityofsaints says:

Good WR but sub 4 mins is the real target ;)

Greece George_oc says:


Germany P5ych0 says:

strong stuff :-) good work, congrats

United Kingdom Matt26LFC says:

Wonder if sub 4m would be possible with a pot designed to make use of LHe better?

Kazakhstan TerraRaptor says:

25 minutes ago, Matt26LFC said:

Wonder if sub 4m would be possible with a pot designed to make use of LHe better?

I think another option to go below -200C is to use sealed ln2 container that is fed ln2 through capillary tube and vacuum this container by pump - to achieve lower boiling point with pressure drop. Z.O.T. guys did smth like that 10 years ago.

United States Sparky's__Adventure says:

I think we need helium for sub 4

Kazakhstan TerraRaptor says:

I'm quite sure we get sub-4m with this generation

United States jessec0626 says:


United States l0ud_sil3nc3 says:

Thanks for moving the goal post closer to the end game.

Incredible score :)


Korea (republic) safedisk says:

Thank you! all guys 

This is the result of LN2. 😀


Australia mattfleg says:

just a tad lovely init?

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