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- Extreme League

3sec 959ms with NVIDIA Titan V at MHz

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  • Model: Titan V (GV100) NVIDIA
  • Cooling: Air (Stock)
  • Speed: 1,860MHz (+55.00%) / MHz (stock)
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Recent Comments

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Insane scores with the new Titan

Germany Dancop says:

Hmmm interesting! You were able to change the bios?

United States steponz says:

Special bios with less CUs and more freq?



United States jpmboy says:

lower shader count. lower men freq *than base. Something is altered,

Japan Hideo says:

Nice one!!

Japan ikki says:

Nice Run!!

Austria _mat_ says:

I am currently working on GPUPI 3.0 with Volta support, did some testing on a Titan V as well. After looking into this score I am a bit puzzled about your CU count and the difference in bootup clock frequency of your Titan V. I am not able to reproduce this and the score doesn't add up as well.


I have reported this score so we can further look into it. Please be so kind and provide any alterations you did on your card plus details of your setup like driver version. You can send it to me personally: matthias at

websmile says:

The score is already under investigation for a while and I am waiting for the media sample to be returned to zero dan so he can provide more information. If you compare the card information you can see that it has a different Bios version than all other cards we saw so far

Austria _mat_ says:

Thank you, very much appreciated!

websmile says:

I received a picture of the card with BIOS/etc, other benchmark results and more info, this is a media sample with different BIOS, something like an ES. We had this before with other hardware, result is legit for me and a titan V is a Titan V


H2o vs. Ln2 says:

@websmile... Is not ES allowed only for Elite? Btw share with me that bios :)

Greece OGS says:

he can move to elite no problem. Doesn't change anything either way.

Re bios you shouldn't have it. Its only for people ln2 vs h2o people ^^


Jokes aside zero_dan shared a bios with hwbot crew (that hasnt been released to the public) for clarity - not for everyone else here to have it

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