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- Elite League

63449 marks with 3x NVIDIA Geforce Titan X Pascal at 2088/2870MHz

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8th out of 528


Global 3x GPU rank:

Cup Bronze 3rd out of 94


3x Geforce Titan X Pascal rank:

Cup Silver 2nd out of 5

Points earned for overclocker league

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Catzilla - 1440p screenshot
ROG Rampage V Edition 10
ROG Rampage V Edition 10
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Recent Comments

Germany Dancop says:

Great one!!!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Might catch this one :)

Germany Nik says:


United States Splave says:

on dice like a puss ;)

Germany der8auer says:

Back to the roots. I actually love dice. So relaxed to bench xD


Dice is awesome, fill pot with it and it lasts ages.

Greece RigasGR says:


United States Strong Island says:

wow nice score

Australia zeropluszero says:

out of interest, what did the chip do on ln2?

if I dont have to buy ln2 for a 6950X thats pretty winner.

my chip only goes to -95 anyway

Germany der8auer says:

Your's Core i7 6950X @ 5,100MHz on Dice score like my @ 4.700MHz on chiller. Your's "modded" video cards on waterblocks run at air speed. Is this what you do for living? jk

Edit; Congrats.. good efficiency :P


No need to be c0cky my friend. You should know what the silicon lottery is.

Germany der8auer says:

Is call overclocking my friend not silicon lottery... check your's loading time :) That's the rig that you sale for 20.000 Euro bcz your site say GTX 1080?!!!!... wtf?


Well I clocked my CPU higher than yours which by definition is "overclocking". I don't enjoy catzilla at all so why should I spend more time on it.


Why are you so mad lol?


Ofc it's silicon lottery if you are limited by your worst card. No magic or skill can suddenly increase the clocks.


What are you talking about? I'm not selling any rig for 20k with 1080s

Germany der8auer says:

Not mad... just a little disgusted as Futuremark take me to your site.

Don't you "modded" 6 cards?... need only one enable to run the Cat on SLI... you welcome!

Edit; as moderator you should be able to remove my comments not only my Catzilla 4K submission :)



Seems like the marketing worked if you went to :P


Why should I remove your comments? I think it makes more sense to leave them so others can see them.


Win10 is not allowed for Catzilla and you should know that. That's clearly your own fault.

Germany der8auer says:

If I find more ppl ike you in hwbot I will definitely clsoe my account. Just reposted my submission Catzilla 4K 4U



Romania poparamiro says:



How old are you Slinky?

No one is holding you by force on hwbot, go out and do some sport, will be very good for your health.

Russian Federation COBOK says:

vielleicht morgen Kabi das Ergebnis Nagel ist eine gigantische Benchmark

Russian Federation COBOK says:

Kaby See-Prozessor mit 10 mld.tranzistorov


Russian Federation COBOK says:

Kaby See-Prozessor mit 10 mld.tranzistorov


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