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743 marks with Intel Core i3 6320 at 4000MHz

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Cup Silver 2nd out of 185

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Ripjaws V
Ripjaws V
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  • Model: Intel Core i3 6320 'Skylake-S'
  • Cooling: Air (Stock)
  • Temperature (°C): 48 (load)
  • Speed: 4,000MHz (+2.56%) (ref/imc/qpi: 100//MHz)
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Memory details

  • Manufacturer: G.SKILL
  • Product: Ripjaws V
  • Cooling: Air (Stock)
  • Type: 16384MB DDR4 SDRAM
  • Speed: @ 1,922MHz
  • Batch: B-Die
  • Timings: 12-12-12-28 1T
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Recent Comments

Australia zeropluszero commented on his own score:

I dont even know. MASSIVE THANKS TO FATBOYNOTSOSLIM, SOFOS, SSKMERCER, CHILLI-MAN, DINO & HICOOKIE. Couldn't have done this without you guys.

Australia newlife says:

Matt for bunnying president

Australia Chilli-Man says:

So good!!! Huge congrats

Australia FatBoyNotSoSlim says:





:banana::nana::celebration::banana::nana: :celebration::banana::nana: :celebration::banana::banana::nana::celebration:

Australia sskmercer says:

Nice work mate, but FARK you lol. Inb4 someone gets 744 lol.

websmile says:

Lol, finally :D - we will miss you when the villagers come with forks and torches and grab you :(

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

You are a dead man trololol :banana:


But seriously! I was looking for that score! ;) GJ

TaPaKaH says:

this score has probably caused the largest landslide of points in history :D (minus 41.8 globals for 70+ people)

Australia sskmercer says:

Now we all want a Giga LN2 board lol. Ah my brief 742 fame is over hahahahaha.

Indonesia speed.fastest says:

Lol, nice score.

Belgium Massman says:

Hm, interesting. Is that the weird new CPU batch you were testing? :)

Canada marc0053 says:

70+ people pissed off this morning! A huge congratz man!!!


Bugged Xtu.............


Way to go Matt.


Australia Dinos22 says:

Hory fark mate :D

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Awesome, King of the hill !!

Slovenia kristjan.krusic says:

RIP :D Good Score m8

Greece sofos1990 says:

Better late than never. Nice Matt!


Such a sad today for team 742

Australia zeropluszero says:

Yeh Pieter! Amazing thing it is!



Sorry to those 70 odd people, ill pour one out for my homies.

United States GtiJason says:

Now this is funny ! Even though I lose 200 points or so. Good work Zero

Netherlands wiLLius says:

Wow! Very well done!

Greece GreekPhantom says:



Germany Dancop says:

Now Gigabyte gets a lot of sample request :D

Great Job dude!!! This is awesome

Italy rsannino says:

GREAT .... congrats for score :D ....


United States sunset1 says:


Hungary subaruwrc says:

seriously,can I get one? :D

Argentina Alan_Alberino says:

Wow, massive point lose coming soon, and massive change coming in Z170X-SOC Force LN2 interested people thread ^^


Great work Matt, congrats for reaching "the imposible"!

Germany der8auer says:

hahaha submission of the year :D :D :D

Netherlands 5erveD says:

The sh!t just hit the fan.

Serbia d0minat0r says:

TRUE copper tweak :P

Netherlands willemc700 says:

Hahahaha.. gotta love this.. great work guys..

Poland phobosq says:

Good job, but why no screen? :D

Australia SniperOZ says:

nice man

Brazil joe90br says:

Amazing Score!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!

Germany biolante says:

wacky cooler, this is fancy stuff.

Brazil Alex Darkvenom says:

Congrats Matt!!!!


Everyone goes out and buys giga

Australia zeropluszero says:

Everyone should that's for sure.

Hungary Achill3uS says:

Everyone goes out and buys giga


only wish to buy mate :)


okay okay, i can accept one complimentary ln2 board for compensation of the mental torture and the score loss. :D

TheGamingBarrel says:

Pieter asked for how many people want the Z170X-SOC-Force-LN2, That just went up to over 70 More people.

mickulty says:

Good god. Massively well done!

Brazil Rbuass says:

You are "the one"


South Africa Schnubab says:

How to start a mob 101! Great work, congrats!

Romania Bruno says:

Great job dude! Hahaha!

Germany Blackbolt says:

Boooooooom :)

United States Johnd0e says:

Amazing! Hahaha i always wondered if this was possible! Great job zero!

United Kingdom Noxinite says:

The XTU 742 score cap has been broken. :D Nice.

Philippines dhenzjhen says:

The chosen won :D


Congrats zeroplus you're a deadman now lolol!!!

Australia newlife says:

This is the second time an aussie has broken the so called cap

TheGamingBarrel says:

This is the second time an aussie has broken the so called cap


In 2017 We might get 744 From you ;)

Germany QAI says:

Yes, finally someone did it :D Great job man! I never thought I'd ever be so excited about a one point lead.

Canada Hilderman says:

Where is the mob meeting? This is unacceptable behavior....


Seriously, massive Cheers

Australia newlife says:

In 2017 We might get 744 From you ;)


I'm more leaning towards sub 6m AMD 32m next year assuming Zen isn't junk (with technical details released by amd so far it's looking to be possible at 5g)

TheGamingBarrel says:

I'm more leaning towards sub 6m AMD 32m next year assuming Zen isn't junk (with technical details released by amd so far it's looking to be possible at 5g)


That is like what? 5.1-5.2 Haswell? Been keeping up with your FB Posts breaking 10M Current CPU's :D

United States coolhandluke41 says:

I just wish I could see Matt face when he hit that #,congrats


King style !

United States funsoul says:

Tremendous sub dude! GREAT job!

Chile Samsarulz says:

Kudos for 0+0 ;). Great result!

United States bigblock990 says:

Congrats! The goal post officially moved.

Australia sskmercer says:

This is the second time an aussie has broken the so called cap


Short memories Newlife:rolleyes:

Australia KaRtA says:

I don't even want to comment.....oh wait.....I just did.


Well done mate. IMA hang up my boots now, like the rest of the 742 club should.

United States Splave says:

Time to retire


Good job, Matt! I really did not think this was possible.

Australia zeropluszero says:

Haha, neither did I!

Italy delly says:

Amazing! :eek:

Great work, congrats!:celebration:

Christian Ney says:


Poland barti27 says:

Great job 743 wwoow

South Africa Oj0 says:

Jeez, well done!


Even though I'll never run a Core i3 (I think), I'm looking forward to my SOC-LN2 even more now :D

Indonesia bboyjezz says:

Many people will try hard to reach your score Matt haha

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