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- Elite League

104886 marks mit 2x NVIDIA Titan X Pascal at 2101/1364MHz

Ranglisten Position


WR Rang:

12th von 1677


Globaler 2x GPU Rang:

9th von 521


2x Titan X Pascal Rang:

Cup Bronze 3rd von 19

Gewonnene Punkte


Catzilla - 720p screenshot
Rampage V Edition 10
Rampage V Edition 10
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Hardware Details

CPU Details

  • Model: Intel Core i7 6950X 'Broadwell-E'
  • Kühlung: Liquid Nitrogen
  • Geschwindigkeit: 5.349,13Mhz (+78.30%)
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Arbeitsspeicher Details

  • Manufacturer: G.SKILL
  • Produkt: Trident Z
  • Kühlung: Air (Stock)
  • Typ: 32768MB DDR4 SDRAM
  • Geschwindigkeit: @ 1.698Mhz
  • Timings: CL11.0 11-11-28 1T
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VGA Details

  • Model: 2x Titan X Pascal (GP102) NVIDIA
  • Kühlung: Liquid Nitrogen
  • Geschwindigkeit: 2.101Mhz (+48.27%) / 1.364Mhz (+9.03%)
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Mainboard Details

Festplatten Details

Netzteil Details

  • Hersteller: Seasonic
  • Serie: Platinum
  • Netzteil: 1.200 Watt
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Neueste Kommentare

Germany Dancop Kommentierte sein eigenes Ergebnis:

Thanks to Asus, Seasonic, G.Skill, Der8auer, T-Grizzly Still...I got scores, but overclocking a Titan XP on LN2 is paint in ...

Denmark Nicklas0912 sagt:

Nice socre! Is that the Titan XP on LN2? cant it go higher than 2101Mhz?

Germany Dancop sagt:

Maybe a little bit, but not much

Argentina nacho_arroyo sagt:

Crazy scores

Canada marc0053 sagt:

Boom great job Dany!!

Philippines dhenzjhen sagt:

Great job Dany (y)

Belgium Massman sagt:

Wow, the difference in clocks between water and ln2 are really small :eek:

Germany Nik sagt:


Poland Xtreme Addict sagt:

Wow, the difference in clocks between water and ln2 are really small :eek:


What do you expect when you are running around -35*C without any voltage mods? :)


Maybe with properly modded card and some XOC bios (which most likely will be never created) we can squeeze 100-200 MHz extra.

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