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6min 38sec 929ms with Intel Core i7 4790K at 4379MHz

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  • Manufacturer: G.SKILL
  • Product: TridentX
  • Type: 8192MB DDR3 SDRAM
  • Speed: @ 1,200MHz
  • Timings: CL10.0 12-11-20 1T

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  • Capacity: 240GB (AHCI)

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Recent Comments

France COMIAS commented on his own score:

Optimization sub timings. OS: Win Server 2003 R2 x64 optimized.

buildzoid says:

I'll take this as valid. I have some doubts about this score but you have a 4.9Ghz score that is a full 4 seconds faster than this while having almost the same settings. So I don't see why this should be an impossible score. Well I hope you have your wallet ready.

Romania suzuki says:

At every 100 mhz i have a gain of 6 seconds. This guy benched at 4.7>. He should show a video and be banned.

It's not fair as i have the next result under him.

Romania suzuki says:

@buildzoid - or maybe i should validate this in the competition : as i can replicate it again and again and at the end pressing the slow mode button and you will see only 4 ghz with a good time.

Romania Alex@ro says:

Christian New will tell you why this is fake.Simply put this guy made the benchmark at 4700+

websmile says:

This score is a joke - I am not in the comp, but I can tell that experts, best ocer in the world at superpi, have made best shots at 6m34s at 4,5ghz.... on XP, which is around 6-10seconds faster than win7 or win8 - this result was made with higher frequency for sure and downclocked or was made on win 8 after downclock, it is physically and technical impossible at these settings


P.S. To make this clear, 4,5ghz 6m34 on LN2 including mems... so this result is even more suspicious :)

Australia t8y says:

1.6vcore for just 4.37ghz?

you sure you didnt just forget to change vcore back from when you were running 4.8ghz? :D



lol, well regardless i dont think you've fooled anyone,

your subtimings would want to be damn well "Optimization" because the mem frequency is low and the primary timings are junk, typical single sided samsung i guess though.. which also not helping your case here.


not to mention low uncore, HT enabled, no maxmem and probably not the best OS choice for 32m..

nice try though

CL3P20 says:

fail - your initial loop times would never be this low running actual clock, without properly set OS... which everyone can see from SS is not. Not to mention, latency at those timings and speed does not equate to the time shown.. tsk*tsk*

France Wizerty says:

I will try to talk to this guy.

France Taloken says:

I guarantee there was no intention of cheating from this guy. He has submit this with total honesty.


Bug run or super tweak, i let the experts decide, but i don't want to see the word "cheat".

United States coolhandluke41 says:

with all due respect,..I ren bbse/cold earlier in this competition @ 1358.4 CL7-9-6-18-64-1T under XP 32 ,my time was 6m 42.515

your results are very suspicious to say the list

Colombia saint19 says:

I was really trying to not post here. But many people here know that this time isn't possible with those settings, OS and frequency.


Even, if you take a look of his best SP32M result, you will see that's running at very similar settings on RAM but @4.9GHz with a 4.368s initial time.


There isn't way that you can get a better initial time with almost 500MHz less in that CPU.


Best result:

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