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8337.98 MHz with AMD FX-8350 at 8338MHz

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20th out of 15612


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20th out of 15612


FX-8350 rank:

10th out of 265

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ROG Crosshair V Formula
ROG Crosshair V Formula
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  • Model: AMD FX-8350 'Vishera'
  • Cooling: Liquid Nitrogen
  • Speed: 8,337.98MHz (+108.45%)
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Recent Comments

Germany der8auer commented on his own score:

disabling cores helped a little but seems like this is the max :|

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

all in all, great CPU

France Rady says:

pscheck and rog connect ? have you try more volt ?

nice cpu !

Germany der8auer says:

Tried up to 2,10 Volt but it didn't scale. Basically PSCheck. Set the BCLK in the BIOS and set the multi in windows with PSCheck. Any chance that a Crosshair Formula-Z is better than the non Z version?

Germany Moose83 says:

Nice Roman!

Germany BenchBros says:

Top10 CPUz... nice! :)

Do you think its MB limit and not CPU limit? Does it feels like there is more in this CPU, when VCore doesn't scale?

Germany der8auer says:

Thanks :)


Yesterday Stefan and me were able to bench 1M at 8277 MHz twice. Usually the max frequency and max 1M clock are not within 60 MHz on AMD. That's why I think it should reach a higher max clock.

France Rady says:

for me the non-z formula is better you can desabled all core from the bios . on the z version you can desabled module but no core .

Germany der8auer says:

Okay so I will stick to the non-z version and just try again. It could also be a thermal problem so I might try to polish the CPU and test a different TIM.

Germany nfszocker says:

Nice Roman:)

United States steponz says:

Maybe try slow mode switch?

United States steponz says:

Great overall CPU.. amazing 1m

Belgium Massman says:

Have you tried enabling all cores, then setting 3 CU's to low frequency (~300mhz), instead of disabling the cores.


What I usually do is create 3 P-states.

  • P0: state for CPU-Z valid
  • P1: state for idle (~ 400 mhz under P0)
  • P4: state for low cores


Assign P4 state to all the shit cores (so they will be at the lowest power consumption), set P1 to the best core and do all the tweaks/apps, then take best core to P4. Wait a minute or so (to drop the temperature), then switch to P0 for validation.


It also works for SuperPI. Waiting at low clock to reduce temp and them upclock for bench. You can also assign explorer.exe to specific cores (the shit ones) so when you open an application, it will automatically select another core than the one you're pushing.

United States l0ud_sil3nc3 says:

Crazy cpu dude.

FlanK3r says:

did you tried all modules? I think CU1/CU2, CU3...Soemtimes is the best CU2 or CU1, not C0 :)

Germany der8auer says:

Yea. CU3 is by far the worst with about 7,4 GHz max. CU2 does 7,6 max clock and CU0 8,1. CU1 is the best with 8338.

United Kingdom HiVizMan says:

Very very nice CPU and great scores, can not come close to that frequency so for 32mil am having to work very hard on efficency. Roman you have set the bar really high, outstanding mate simply outstanding.

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