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3757.69 DX11 Marks with AMD Radeon HD 7970 at 1747/1971MHz

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Unigine Heaven - Xtreme screenshot
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  • Cooling: Air (Custom)
  • Type: DDR3 SDRAM
  • Speed: @ 1,099MHz
  • Timings: 7-10-7-20 1T

VGA details

  • Model: Radeon HD 7970 (Tahiti) AMD
  • Cooling: Liquid Nitrogen
  • Temperature (°C): -145 (load) -137 (idle)
  • Speed: 1,747MHz (+88.86%) / 1,971MHz (+43.35%)
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  • Capacity: 64GB (AHCI)

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Recent Comments

Japan Hideo commented on his own score:

This card has already died after Heaven. GPU Core and almost all MOSFET were burnt out.

Netherlands nedernakker says:

shame of the card :( but an awesome score..

Greece Phil says:

Sick clocks and score man.Congrats for WR.If card had proper voltage circuit maybe still alive.

Brazil Rbuass says:

OMG.... no comments...

Amazing work as usual.

Simply amazing... your card killed the Lightnings

Take care with this treasure...

Greece Phil says:

Too late Ronaldo.Hideo said card already dead.

Italy nick.sf says:

amazing score... congrats!!!

voltage that you used on the gpu?

United States Hondacity says:

unbelievable score hideo! did you have all 6 phases ocp modded? or just 5? ocp is just ground? or it has resistors?

Brazil Rbuass says:

Yes Phil.... now I saw...It hurts

I can not imagine a reference like that.


Noticed a neew way to OCP the card (on caps).

Greece Phil says:

@hondacity:You can't remove ocp if not all phases modded.Even one unmodded phase can shut down card.

@rbuass:You can do it this way too(before stock resistors) if final resistance is right.

United States Hondacity says:



hideo's pic is too small to see. there are 8 current sense ports(2 for memory?) but i only see 5 that are modded. do you think he grounded the capacitors? the wires look like they don't contain resistors(1/8 watt)

Greece Phil says:

I can count only six(as many the phases on good reference cards maybe sapphire OC).The mem isen is on the other side.Maybe he used only one small resistor for all phases.

United States Hondacity says:

ahh good info. maybe we need to put dice on the mosfets lol. or simply epower this gpu :D

India thebanik says:

OMG!!!!! awesome score Hideo......Sad that the card is dead, :(


Really amazing score!!!! Congrats!! ;)

Argentina nacho_arroyo says:

Insane, sick !!!, incredible work. Congra !

Japan Hideo says:

Thanks all !!


Of course, 6 phase OCP-mod was done.

Fixed resistors(7.5K) are back side of the card.

Brazil Alex Darkvenom says:


Philippines dhenzjhen says:


Japan Hideo says:

Card is VTX3D VX7970 3GBD5-2DHX

My blog:ttp://

United States Hondacity says:

Thanks all !!


Of course, 6 phase OCP-mod was done.

Fixed resistors(7.5K) are back side of the card.


thanks! :D

Philippines k_9virus says:

nice score hideo thumbs up!

Russian Federation Smoke says:

Strong clock!!!

6 phase? Is it ES card?

United States Hondacity says:

its not an es card, two cards have 6phase on the core. the vtx brand and the sapphire brand

Japan Hideo says:

k_9virus-san,,thanks !

Yes,VTX(OC type) card has 6phase VRM.


Hondacity-san,thanks for your comment.


congrats Hideo-san, that is CRAZY right there

Japan Gyrock says:

Just awesome! You are the one, PAPA-san!!

Japan Hideo says:




Your Lightning is strong too.

Iran Amateurs says:

Nice job and accept my condolence for your lost .

Australia Dinos22 says:

whoa amazing!


the core can still be salvaged and put onto another card!

Iran Mehdi_FXX says:

Fantastic Gob Hideo-SAN ;)

Austria 0skill says:

great work

lets give it a try with evga epower if the gpu is still alive

Japan Hideo says:


and 0skill-san,thanks a lot.


I think that the gpu core is dead or x8 core(not x16 core) if still alive.

But will try epower or other power unit(580 lightning), maybe.

Italy pixy says:

impressive gpu and score... congrats!!!

TJB_SC says:

WOW, Nice epic score Hideo, Great result!

Japan Hideo says:

pixy-san,TJB_SC-san,thanks !

Korea (republic) oc_windforce says:

wow fantastic result.You'r really great OCer

Japan Hideo says:

oc_windforce-san,thanks !

Hungary RizeAllard says:

nice work!

Japan Hideo says:

RizeAllard-san,thanks !

Germany streetjumper16 says:

awesome score :)

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