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8208.8 MHz with Intel Celeron D 352 at 8208.8MHz

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46th out of 14231


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46th out of 14231


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Cup Bronze 3rd out of 210

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Recent Comments

K404 commented on his own score:

8.2GHz!!!!! Better CPU understanding, better voltage tuning, different thermal paste. Same CPU as my 8088 score

United States Hondacity says:

who would have known! bwahahhahaha


pot? paste? temps?


nice work boss kenny!

Germany aslanwas says:

Unbelievable , these days cpuz is in, huh?

Germany aslanwas says:

Unbelievable , these days cpuz is in, huh?

K404 says:

Thanks! :D


Otto Fatboy. Not running dry, but not brimmed with LN2


Gelid GC-Extreme, -170ishhhhh pot base. Over 2V the temps were....a bit of a challenge :S up to 1.90-1.95v pot base was around -174


I livestreamed this session and literally NO-ONE was ANY point :P I had 8232MHz (can be seen on Livestream) but it crashed during validation.

TaPaKaH says:

you should have tuned the SetFSB for smaller steps, this chip doesn't like when you change freq by more than 10MHz at one time ;)


still, nice to know that the validation is not corrupt :D

United States Hondacity says:

I would have watched if I would have known! I'm a k404 fan! duhh!


no k404 benching notification option from hwbot :(

United Kingdom ARandomOWL says:

Well maybe if you let me know, I would have popped in and thrown some abuse at you :D


Very well done mate :) Shame you didn't get the other validation. Would have taken you to bronze!!

Germany Hyperhorn says:

Congrats, great Cedar Mill overclocking! :cool:

K404 says:

Oh yea! I forgot.... I had SetFSB problems.... it would error out at any random point from 333 to 342.... so in "desperation" I booted at 333 and went to 342 in one go. I'd already seen 342FSB, I knew the CPU was good for it..... It was fine at the MHz, I just couldn't increase it any more (without reboot)


Maybe if I rebenched I could get lucky and slowly increase to... something like 338 without error then jump to 343. I had 5L of LN2 to get this result, so couldn't mess around



Thanks for the comments guys!


LOl Honda.... ok..... if all goes to plan, i'm benching GTX580 on October 1st. Got a mate coming over to help pour coz it's eating a litre a minute :P

United Kingdom Dualist says:

Congrats Kenny.!

If you would have posted or linked, guys would have watched, no-one is telepathic.

Romania poparamiro says:

Great one Kenny

TaPaKaH says:

Tune the clock generator settings in SetFSB so that you go by 0.4MHz FSB and do the switches real slow (once per 20-30s). Yes, it eats LN2 but that's just how this CPU works best. I can't remember having it past 8120MHz using >10MHz steps.

United States Patch says:

Nice benching and nice info.

K404 says:

Congrats Kenny.!

If you would have posted or linked, guys would have watched, no-one is telepathic.


:D My netbook doesn't have the power to check so I didn't know for sure, but I figured there would be a "x broadcasting now" on HWB front page and at least *someone* would see who it was :P

Germany der8auer says:

GJ Bro!

United Kingdom IanCutress says:

Nice one Kenny!

Italy Iron says:

Greaaat work there K!! :)

Indonesia placid says:

It's time to try with Liquid Hell ium :D

Belgium Gamer says:

Great score Kenny !!!


Maybe that's why the server has crashed ? :P

Austria Turrican says:

well done kenny, you are the man. :D

United Kingdom El Gappo says:

Nice one K :) New pot? Not sure what you were using earlier.

United Kingdom scooter.jay says:

Nice work Kenny:)

Montenegro Perica_barii says:

Nice benching, and great score...

Germany Blackbolt says:

Nice Work:)

Iran Mr. DB! says:



Germany Vaykir says:

Well done & Congrats!

Canada FtW says:

Awesome clocks bro, didn't think you'd let that rank changeup last long...

Greece George_oc says:

Congratulations Kenny, nice little Cedarmill :D

United States G H Z says:

That's a great result

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