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Application Score Hardware Frequency User GTPP
wPrime - 32m 21sec 938ms Sempron 150 6568MHz Doc.Brown 337.1 pts
Geekbench3 - Single Core 8147 points Core i7 9700K 7138MHz France Niuulh 309.3 pts
wPrime - 1024m 11min 58sec 937ms Sempron 150 6452MHz Doc.Brown 291.2 pts
GPUPI for CPU - 100M 10sec 677ms Core i7 7700K 6870MHz France The Silver 233.5 pts
Cinebench - 2003 7104 points Core i7 7700K 6780MHz France The Silver 184.5 pts
GPUPI for CPU - 1B 3min 32sec 726ms Core i7 7740X 7001.1MHz France Radi 174.6 pts
wPrime - 32m 7sec 234ms Phenom II X2 560 BE 6700MHz France The Silver 169.5 pts
GPUPI for CPU - 100M 6sec 986ms Core i7 8700K 7000MHz France rm3113 135.1 pts
XTU 2297 marks Core i7 7740X 6700MHz France Radi 129.3 pts
CPU Frequency 8406.34 mhz FX-8150 8406.3MHz France Wizerty 129.3 pts
Cinebench - R15 1562 cb Core i7 7740X 6900MHz France Radi 128.2 pts
3DMark2001 SE 204105 marks GeForce GTX 980 Ti 1500/2050MHz France Radi 127.8 pts
wPrime - 32m 2sec 906ms Core i7 7700K 6785MHz France The Silver 127.2 pts
Aquamark 670228 marks GeForce GTX 980 Ti MHz France Wizerty 126.8 pts
wPrime - 1024m 3min 8sec 843ms Core i3 7350K 6600MHz Doc.Brown 126.1 pts
wPrime - 1024m 1min 32sec 180ms Core i7 7740X 6913.4MHz France Radi 124.7 pts
3DMark03 343251 marks GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 2100/1500MHz France Radi 124.1 pts
Unigine Heaven - Basic 11657.76 DX9 Marks GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 2050/1500.8MHz France darkgregor 123.1 pts
wPrime - 32m 5sec 937ms Core i3 7350K 6600MHz France The Silver 117.2 pts
Geekbench4 - Multi Core 17749 points Core i3 7350K 6600MHz France darkgregor 116.2 pts