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Application Score Hardware Frequency User GTPP
Aquamark 499664 marks Radeon HD 7970 MHz Brazil Raul SDT 44.9 pts
PCMark Vantage 30831 marks Core i5 2500K 5000MHz Brazil Raul SDT 42.8 pts
wPrime - 32m 3sec 703ms Core i7 3770K 6254MHz Brazil Raul SDT 39.4 pts
SuperPi - 32M 4min 59sec 437ms Core i7 4770K 6164MHz Brazil acschenck 39.2 pts
SuperPi - 1M 5sec 516ms Core i7 3770K 6556MHz Brazil Raul SDT 39 pts
wPrime - 1024m 4min 19sec 859ms Core i5 650 6000.2MHz Brazil OverHeat Pcmaster CWB 38.7 pts
PiFast 10sec 910ms Core i7 3770K 6603MHz Brazil Raul SDT 37 pts
wPrime - 32m 8sec 281ms Core i5 650 6055.3MHz Brazil OverHeat Pcmaster CWB 36.4 pts
3DMark03 198730 marks Radeon HD 7970 1571/1799MHz Brazil Raul SDT 34.5 pts
wPrime - 32m 2sec 828ms Core i7 Extreme 980X 5916MHz Brazil OverHeat Pcmaster CWB 33.4 pts
wPrime - 1024m 2min 11sec 172ms Core i7 2600K 5828MHz Brazil OverHeat Pcmaster CWB 32.1 pts
UCBench 2011 to be removed 569.2 MPT-score Core i3 540 4819MHz Brazil Raul SDT 31.5 pts
wPrime - 32m 39sec 313ms Sempron 140 3900MHz Brazil Raul SDT 30.2 pts
3DMark05 54990 marks GeForce GTX 580 1416/1295MHz Brazil acschenck 29.8 pts
3DMark03 177067 marks GeForce GTX 580 990/1210MHz Brazil OverHeat Pcmaster CWB 28.3 pts
PCMark05 (alpha) 15936 marks Phenom II X2 555 BE 5016.9MHz Brazil OverHeat Pcmaster CWB 28.2 pts
CPU Frequency 6820.56 mhz Phenom II X2 555 BE 6820.6MHz Brazil OverHeat Pcmaster CWB 27.5 pts
3DMark2001 SE 114723 marks GeForce GTX 580 900/2200MHz Brazil Raul SDT 25.4 pts
wPrime - 1024m 1min 30sec 573ms Core i7 3930K 5715MHz Brazil OverHeat Pcmaster CWB 23.6 pts
3DMark05 47478 marks GeForce GTX 580 990/1210MHz Brazil OverHeat Pcmaster CWB 23.2 pts