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Name Team League League points UP TPP Options:
Italy rsannino Italy HW Legend OC Elite 2,722.6pts 12,746.3pts 21,459.5pts team moderator
Italy RULE Czech Republic Alza OC Elite pts 3,895.8pts 1,511.1pts
Italy delly Italy HW Legend OC Elite 1,602.6pts 22,221.5pts 32,956.3pts
Italy BarboneNet Italy 4Fun Elite pts 1,897pts 3,952.1pts team moderator
Italy giorgioprimo Italy Nexthardware Elite pts 1,852.5pts 2,612pts team moderator
Italy Delex Italy Tech Station OC Team Italy Elite pts 815.9pts 1,563.9pts team moderator
Italy Atlas Rush Italy ReHWolution OC Team Elite 31pts 573.3pts 3,384.8pts team moderator
Italy riccardofiorani2001 Italy The Lead Network Elite 0.5pts 31.5pts 185.4pts
Italy mattdj Italy The Lead Network Elite 31.2pts 23.9pts 294.5pts
neoLeletto Italy Elite Overclockers of Italy Elite pts 0.4pts 48.8pts