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Name Team League League points UP TPP Options:
Israel mevorach Israel IOPANEL.NET Enthusiast pts 833.6pts 1,019.6pts
Israel sirbaili Israel z77 OC Formula Enthusiast 52.4pts 749.3pts 1,451.1pts team moderator
Israel MaStEr-Xmoder Russian Federation X-MoDDers Enthusiast pts 878.2pts 329.5pts team moderator
Israel iMMoRTaLiTY Israel Team Enthusiast pts 481.3pts 253pts
Israel yitzhaking Enthusiast pts 276.5pts 0pts
Israel david azulay Israel Enthusiasts of Israel Enthusiast 135.1pts 249.8pts 658.5pts
Israel gilher5 Enthusiast pts 191.5pts 3pts
Israel GhostDog99 Enthusiast pts 174.4pts 26.1pts
rinzler Israel Enthusiasts of Israel Enthusiast pts 157pts 70.2pts
M@rk734 Enthusiast pts 145.5pts 21.2pts
Israel Defoler Israel IOPANEL.NET Enthusiast pts 144.3pts 172.2pts
Israel Gomunkul Israel Team Enthusiast pts 131pts 50.2pts
Israel andrewv Israel IOPANEL.NET Enthusiast pts 126.8pts 55.1pts
Israel xVertigo Israel Team Enthusiast pts 112.5pts 135.3pts
Israel PainKiller Israel Team Enthusiast pts 98.9pts 111pts
Israel Ofek Israel IOPANEL.NET Enthusiast pts 98.4pts 67.9pts
Israel orondf Israel Enthusiasts of Israel Enthusiast pts 97.4pts 46.5pts
renuar007 Enthusiast 21pts 97.2pts 0pts
Israel ZnoK Israel IOPANEL.NET Enthusiast pts 86.7pts 47.8pts
Israel Oranav Israel IOPANEL.NET Enthusiast pts 84pts 41.5pts