Luumi breaching 2900MHz GPU core with the eVGA RTX 3090 KIngpIn

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eVGA GeForce RTX 3090 KINGPIN claims top spots in UL Benchmarks Port Royal and Matt's GPUPI 1B in the hands of Finish OverClocker Luumi.

The last few days it was neck to neck for top spot with Greek OverClocked Gaming Systems in the GPUPI 1B Benchmark category. Today Luumi manged as first to crack the 2900MHz barrier with a nVIDIA RTX3090 graphics card. Stavros' ASUS ROG STRIX was just 5MHz short of doing the same. That battle for the top spot is far from over. Currently Luumi is leading with a mere 12ms.

UL Benchmarks' Port Royal now also has the Finish Overclocker topping their Hall of Fame charts in the single GPU category. With a new high score of 18496 he comfortably in the lead over his nearest rivals. The KINGPIN card was clocked at 2760MHz for the harsh Port Royal Ray Tracing benchmark.

Big congratz to Luumi. Enjoy the glory and the fame, but be aware the competitors are working hard to get back that gold!

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